To Our Brethren: Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all

Once more we celebrate another year of LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE as we bear witness to the 91st year of Alpha Phi Omega as a service fraternity.

As we wind down DY 2015-2017, the theme “Unity and Solidarity in a Time for Greatness” has never been relevant, and our commitment to its missive never more challenged than this year coming to a close. We have suffered the distress of failure but in that disappointment emerged triumphant the character which gives us strength- our firm loyalty to each other. We have seen a collegiate chapter make waves because of the message of its 39th rendition of a university tradition which did not sit well with our other brethren but we have also shown that respecting the opinion of others is the true test of our loyalty to the fraternity and to each other: that there can be unity in diversity and solidarity proceeds from the values that unite us rather than he views that which divides us.

When we extend the fraternity handclasp to another, our collective being and shared experience as an APO is epitomized and the offer is not a mere gesture of greeting but, more importantly, a pledge of loyalty and respect. When we refuse to accept the gesticulation, we may be signifying that the brother or sister is not entitled to our respect or loyalty but are, in fact, manifesting that we are not deserving of that vow of friendship and the respect and be loyalty that necessarily flows from it.

Thus, when we greet each other with the handclasp on this momentous occasion, let us do so with sincerity and the sincere desire to be friends with one another and to be loyal to each other. Just as we expect our brethren to respect and be loyal to us, so too should we respect and be loyal to them.




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APO Marawi Relief Operations

In view of our continued efforts to help and assist our brothers and sisters affected by the Marawi siege, we are creating a special committee to oversee and coordinate all these efforts from various groups in order to account and record all donors as well as the list of victims who were recipients, and even those who did not receive any until this time.
June 20, 2017 / Comments

ICAPO Delegates R&R

APO-USA R&R Tue 05/23/2017. Thanks, Brod Rey Pendon and Sis Maribelle Santos-Pendon, for the video recording by drone of the APO-USA delegation rest-and-recreation and fun-and-fellowship in Laguna, Quezon, and Metropolitan Manila Tue 05/23/2017.
June 20, 2017 / Comments

Our National Officers for DY 2017-2019

NATIONAL OFFICERS DY 2017-2019 BOARD OF TRUSTEES National President Roel E. Fernandez;  Alpha Gamma 2003 National Executive Vice President  Marcelino S. Ferry; Epsilon Omicron 2002 Vice President for Alumni  Lauro Gerald L. Hernandez; Psi 1993 Vice President for Fraternity Christian S. Canlas; Nu Pi 2009 Vice President for Sorority Reiniel… Read More
June 7, 2017 / Comments

Conferred Life Members 2017

Conferred Life Members & Associate Members,  May 27, 2019 (29th NBGA, General Santos City)
June 4, 2017 / Comments

Message from APO USA President John Ottenad

A message from the NATIONAL PRESIDENT of APO USA, John Ottenad.
May 28, 2017 / Comments

2017 Gawad Gintong Bayanihan Awards

GGB Awardees at the last Gen San May 2017 NBGA
May 28, 2017 / Comments
APO USA delegates arrives at the APO NBGA in GenSan

APO USA delegates arrives at the APO NBGA in GenSan

After travelling halfway around the world, not even the declaration of martial law in Mindanao can stop APO USA DELEGATION from attending the APO NBGA in GenSan.
May 24, 2017 / Comments


Yes, APO USA, led by it's president Bro. John Ottenad and seven other official delegates will be arriving starting tomorrow and the next day to support APO International Philippines Inc. on its 29th APO NBGA held in Gensan.
May 23, 2017 / Comments
New APO Lawyers 2017

New APO Lawyers 2017

Congratulations to the new Alpha Phi Omega lawyers!
May 9, 2017 / Comments
ICAPO meeting in GenSan

ICAPO meeting in GenSan

ICAPO meeting Fri 05/26/2017 in GenSan
May 9, 2017 / Comments