Happy anniversary Sisters and Brothers here and around the world! Let us fill our Founding day with fun and happiness for good memories because anniversaries are celebrated.

In October this year, we joined the Scouting Month with our members and basic organizational units engaging in various activities. Some might not have consciously aligned their activities with Scouting; nevertheless, we were all moved by our hearts to serve.

We reminded ourselves of our beginnings. We paved the way for 2025: the charting of our Centennial or 100th year birth of Alpha Phi Omega and the Diamond Jubilee or 75th of APO in the Philippines. Our future is what we make of today. We are moved by our hearts to serve.

In keeping our minds focused to our organizational pledge, we re-affirm on this day, 16 of December 2017, our pledge to abide our duly instituted By-Laws as leaders; to maintain our good standing as members; to extend our hands as friends; and to deliver unselfishly a program of services as servants.

This DY 2017-2019 we will work together in delivering our Strategic Actions: Sustain Membership; Conduct Corporate Housekeeping, as we have complied with all the requirements and the government regulations and we have secured the certificates of good standing from SEC and BIR; Improve Internal and External Relations, and Integrate Implementation of National Flagship Programs/ Projects. Indeed we are moving forward, learning from our past. We realized that we need our minds in deciding what path to take. It came to us that we need our hearts equally as our minds. Dropping ourselves, kneeling like servants, we have organized our National Service Programs into Health, Environment, Education and Training, Peace.

and Governance, and Balik Scouting Programs. We will no longer be interested in simply getting the numbers of how many activities we have carried out under these programs. We will be looking at the changes in the conditions of those whom we serve and our own organization. We would like to ensure that we are making a difference.

Our medical/ dental/ surgical missions and APO Blood Hubs- APO Hospital-Based Blood Letting will be joined by the National Sports Program under HEALTH Programs.

Our Green Scouting (APO Tree/Forest Camp) and Coastal Clean Up (APO Coast) compose our ENVIRONMENT Programs.

Our Balik Eskwela, APO Academy and National Book Giving comprise our EDUCATION AND TRAINING Programs.

Our Yes for Peace, Adopt a Barangay, and APO Interfaith Prayer Battalion consist the PEACE and GOVERNANCE Programs.

Finally, our BALIK SCOUTING Program will be in three fronts: ROVIC, Basic Training Course, and Advancement Program with corresponding badge system.

Brothers and sisters, with all these, our journey will be easy because our minds and hearts will be one. We will implement our programs and projects in an integrated manner with Scouting as a platform. While others just pointed at the dirt, we are almost done with cleaning. That is CONVERGING THE STRANDS OF LFS, INTENSIFYING THE APO SPIRIT!

Let’s have fun, keep our minds focused on our actions and be moved by our hearts to serve more!

Happy 92nd Anniversary!!!



National President, D.Y. 2017-2019
Alpha Gamma-2003-35044-Life
16 December 2017 Iloilo City, Philippines


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Happy anniversary Sisters and Brothers here and around the world! Let us fill our Founding day with fun and happiness for good memories because anniversaries are celebrated. In October this year, we joined the Scouting Month with our members and basic organizational units engaging in various activities. Some might not… Read More
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