The APO Philippines Brand Guide

The goal of this Brand Guide is to create a common language for Alpha Phi Omega Philippines that is reflective of who and what we are and in consonance with Alpha Phi Omega USA but with our own unique subtleties. Please take the time to review this information.

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Bado’s thoughts on Hazing

Read the thoughts of APO Philippines organizer on Hazing circa 1976.

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APO National Presidents League

Officers and Members of the APO National Presidents League took their oath of office and oath of membership before VP Jojo Binay (Eta'60) last March 26. The APONPL is composed of the incumbent and past national presidents of Alpha Phi Omega Philippines.

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Message from the National President

Extending the left hand in True Friendship

Extending the left hand in True Friendship

Forty years ago today, your National President was ushered in the fellowship of Alpha Phi Omega as a wide-eyed sixteen year old, steeped in its ideals and principles through the crucible of the initiation rites. LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE were, then, just abstract philosophies repeated as a mantra in the course of instruction, yet to be tested in the anvil of time and practice.

Forty years, hence, the ideals of LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE still ring true in our hearts and minds, hopefully with the same dedication, passion and enthusiasm as when we were first instructed We have always advocated that a true LEADER is one who is first and foremost a faithful follower — a servant to the will of the brothers and sisters, as reflected in the directives of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. A true leader listens and discerns what is heard. We pledge to listen to the whisper of the silent majority as this is the wisdom of the collective whole. Though we resolve not to be distracted by mindless innuendoes and denigration, we pray that we be granted the wisdom to separate the senseless from the sensible and to extract from a seeming morass of trivia whatever nuggets of constructive criticism which may serve us in good stead as we perform our duty to our great fraternity/sorority.

To our esteemed adversaries and even those who diverge from our beliefs, perceptions and intentions, we extend the hand of FRIENDSHIP, secure in the thought that, as all must be well-intentioned, we can work together to insure that our distinguished assemblage will be prepared to meet the challenges as we move towards the centenary of Alpha Phi Omega. We likewise extend the hand of FRIENDSHIP to our antagonists beyond the outer circle of our Great Seal, secure in the thought that together, we can be the prime movers of developing, even in small increments, a community and country committed to the principles of peace, unity and harmony.

We finally vow to devote our time and energy in developing a program of service never before seen in our history — meaningful and high-impact service projects which shall be beneficial to the fraternity and sorority, to the studentry, university and faculty, to the community and to the nation as fully participating citizens which shall do justice to our namesake as THE international service fraternity and sorority.

All of these cannot come to pass unless we realize that true reform begins with ourselves. We can only rededicate ourselves if we learn to respect one another, to be tolerant with each other, and to be respectful to all as we pledge loyalty to the institution which each of us represent. COME THEN AND JOIN US IN THIS GREAT ADVENTURE. WE PROMISE TO MAKE IT WORTH YOUR WHILE.

National President

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News & Articles

Alpha Phi Omega launches new Responsive website

Brethren, as we approach our 90th anniversary, we are happy and proud to welcome you to our new and improved Alpha Phi Omega Philippines National Website, now on Version 3. I hope the brothers and sisters of our fraternity and sorority would somehow find this useful to each and everyone … Read More
October 24, 2015 / Comments
APO Architect’s work featured by Quezon City Government

APO Architect’s work featured by Quezon City Government

Congratulations Sis Architect CHAM ODAN (Eta 2004). The Quezon City government is offering a preview of QCX (QC Experience), an interactive museum that will showcase the city’s rich history and transformation as the country’s premier city. QCX, the work of our Sister from Eta Chapter, is an interactive socio-cultural museum and green compliant building in the city, will open its doors on Monday, November 9, 2015 at Quezon Memorial Circle at 4:30 pm.
November 7, 2015 / Comments
Famous APO Artist opens 29th One-Man Show

Famous APO Artist opens 29th One-Man Show

Bro. Edwin Wilwayco's (Eta 1969) Fractals is opening this November 5, 2015, Thursday 6pm at Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea located at the 3rd Level of Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City. The 29th one-man exhibition of one of the most critically acclaimed Abstract-Expressionists in the Philippines runs until November 27, 2015.
November 4, 2015 / Comments

APO Lando Relief Operations

The mandate of Task Force Lando is not merely to provide immediate relief to our brothers and sisters in the typhoon hit areas but also to assist them in the rehabilitation of their homes and livelihood, for which the Task Force shall exist for six (6) months, from October 26, 2015 to March 2016. During the said period, the Task Force may ask for the assistance of any instrumentality or agency of the organization to effectively perform its mandare.
October 29, 2015 / Comments

The One Who Inspired Us – Frank Reed Horton

I encourage my fellow APO Brothers and Sisters to Be the One, a call to action for each of us. We are the ones who need to do one good deed or action to advance the cause of Alpha Phi Omega. Be the One for someone else...
October 28, 2015 / Comments
Pursuing Peace in the University of the Philippines
Eta Chapter's monument to Peace at the University of the Philippines.

Pursuing Peace in the University of the Philippines

The iconography of the dove as a messenger of love, peace, and hope is universal. On top of the Peace Rock is a rendition with an olive branch, created by sculptor Ral Arrogante. The artwork has been ingeniously put together from copper discards and has no welded parts, a trademark of the artist.
October 27, 2015 / Comments

Informational on Associate Membership

I.ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES As per National Code of By-Laws, Associate Membership is categorized into four (4) namely; 1) APO Foreign Members, 2) Supporters and Friends, 3) Spouses of Members, and 4) Children of APO Spouses. Although the guidelines in each category may be similar in some respects, guidelines for specific … Read More
October 21, 2015 / Comments
The APO Philippines Brand Guide
APO Brand Guide

The APO Philippines Brand Guide

The goal of this Brand Guide is to create a common language for Alpha Phi Omega Philippines that is reflective of who and what we are and in consonance with Alpha Phi Omega USA but with our own unique subtleties. Please take the time to review this information.
October 17, 2015 / Comments

Approved 4th NEC & BOD Minutes for DY 2013 2015

Approved minutes of the 4th NEC & BOD for DY 2013 2015 during the 5th NEC & BOD Regular meeting held at Costa Sands Resort, downtown east, Pasir Ris 1, Singapore. Download here.   … Read More
October 17, 2015 / Comments

Be the One

We have a committed membership and active programs in Leadership, Friendship and Service to be proud of. There is no other Fraternity/Sorority like Alpha Phi Omega. The future looks promising, and with the continued efforts of everyone...
October 16, 2015 / Comments

Distinguished Alumni


Pinagmamalaki ko po, ako po ay APO. Isang bagay na hindi ko makakalimutan, isang pagkakataon na hindi ako nagkamali sa aking naging desisyun.
Jejomar Binay (Eta'60)
Vice President of the Philippines
He was an example of an APO who lived by the tenets of Leadership, Friendship and Service... His life maybe short but he left a legacy that had touched so many lives.
Jesse Robredo (Alpha Nu'92)
DILG Secretary

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