Converge the strands of LFS, Intensify the APO Spirit

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE FOR SCOUTING MONTH 2017 Before Alpha Phi Omega was founded by Frank Reed Horton, he realized that the Scout Oath and Scout Law were what he had been seeking. The tolerance among Scouts from various faiths impressed Brother Horton as he witnessed how the Scouts worked together and worshiped… Read More
October 29, 2017 / Comments

Message from the President-Elect

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am so humbled with all your congratulatory messages and good thoughts. Right now we are still tied up with post convention duties like continously working and meeting with the 29th NBGA Host APO GAAM, headed by the Convention Chairman and President Bro Gerry Arbis. It… Read More
June 22, 2017 / Comments

APO Marawi Relief Operations

In view of our continued efforts to help and assist our brothers and sisters affected by the Marawi siege, we are creating a special committee to oversee and coordinate all these efforts from various groups in order to account and record all donors as well as the list of victims who were recipients, and even those who did not receive any until this time.
June 20, 2017 / Comments

Message from APO USA President John Ottenad

A message from the NATIONAL PRESIDENT of APO USA, John Ottenad.
May 28, 2017 / Comments


It is truly unfortunate that as we celebrate six decades and seven years of Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines, there are those within our ranks who seek to divide us at this time when unity and solidarity could propel our beloved Fraternity/Sorority to the heights of greatness as we… Read More
March 2, 2017 / Comments
Message from the National President on our 91st Anniversary

Message from the National President on our 91st Anniversary

To Our Brethren: Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all Once more we celebrate another year of LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE as we bear witness to the 91st year of Alpha Phi Omega as a service fraternity. As we wind down DY 2015-2017, the theme “Unity and… Read More
December 21, 2016 / Comments

90th Anniversary Message

It was nine decades ago that a fraternal organization dedicated to the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service was founded in the bricked academic building denominated as Hogg Hall in diminutive Lafayette College in the small town of Easton, Pennsylvania. From its humble beginnings would emerge an international fraternal organization… Read More
December 16, 2015 / Comments

APO Lando Relief Operations

The mandate of Task Force Lando is not merely to provide immediate relief to our brothers and sisters in the typhoon hit areas but also to assist them in the rehabilitation of their homes and livelihood, for which the Task Force shall exist for six (6) months, from October 26, 2015 to March 2016. During the said period, the Task Force may ask for the assistance of any instrumentality or agency of the organization to effectively perform its mandare.
October 29, 2015 / Comments

Message from the National President

NEW installed national president Luis Paredes wants unity in the Alpha Phi Omega (APO) International Fraternity by inviting everyone including his rivals in the recent elections to support his administration and join their programs in leadership, friendship and service. Paredes, a lawyer and a commissioner of the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB), won the presidency during the National Biennial General Assembly (NBGA) held recently in Dumaguete City.
May 28, 2015 / Comments
Message on the occassion of the Haiyan Typhoon Tragedy

Message on the occassion of the Haiyan Typhoon Tragedy

Message from the National President on the occassion of the Yolanda (Haiyan) Typhoon Tragedy
November 13, 2013 / Comments