ID Application Requirements


  • ID Registration form (available at the APO National Office or you can download it here
  • *Form #7: Application for Active Collegiate Membership from the APP Manual (with endorsement)
  • *Form #4:Application for Pledgeship from the APP Manual
  • *Form #5: Mandatory Pledge Registration
  • *Leadership Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Friendship Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Service Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Certificate of Completion of APP
  • Rover Scout Training Certificate
  • Gawad Kalinga Service Certificate or **Disaster Response Training Certificate
  • 2 x 2 ID picture
  • Processing Fee***




*You may download the APP forms here.
**Disaster Response Training Certificate – basic life support will do; from any institution: PNRC, BFP, or university
***Processing Fee may vary. Please call NAO.

5 comments on “ID Application Requirements
  1. pompy p. pendon says:

    brod, i am applying for a life id for brod Leo M. Portillo, epsilon gamma.
    kulang na lang ako ng APPLICATION FORM accdg to our SMAR director Roger Pialago from Davao. where can i get one? or please send me one thru e-mail. can you do a favor for me pls?
    thank you very much

  2. amado says:

    bakit po hindi madownload yung forms?

  3. hafiz says:

    bro/sis, san po madownload ung mga forms para sa mga batch 2008 and later?

  4. JOVEL CUTOR says:

    brothers and sisters i wanna apply apo id through online since lagi akong wala sa pinas delta theta chapter here 2000b,thanks po MWAB

  5. Benedict G. Santos says:

    Hello Brothers and sisters. Can’t download the form. Can someone please send it to my email at ? I’m Benedict G. Santos from Theta Delta Chapter batch 2004-D. May ID run kasi bukas dito sa pampanga we need a copy of the form. Salamat. Thank you Brothers and Sisters. May We Always Be.

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