ID gurus at work


Maintaining the ID DATABASE is not a mere recording and monitoring of the organization’s Membership ID reccords. Most often, it involves analysis and a lot of patience. Standing is Bro. CoMe Commissioner Edmar Par, Sis. NED Celia Valdez at the middle and sitting in front of laptop is Bro. CoMe Commissioner Jun Pangapalan , the manager of the project.

Ever wonder if your Membership ID is in that DATABASE? If you have’nt renew your ID for a long time today is the right time to do it. By renewing your ID you are assured that the number issued to you is indeed assigned to you with no conflict and is based on the organization’s ID DATABASE.

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  1. Greetings! Pls. assist a distressed worthy brother on how to renew his ID if he hasn’t renewed it for a long time. Request to provide a link to download a renewal form, the address to send it, and mode of payment. Thank you!

  2. the owner may let you keep the link in the post. if not, the site owner can either dteele your post or even ban your account to prevent you from posting at all.forums are much the same principle as blogs. posts can be moderated, removed, and accounts can

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