Brod, anong problema?

* Fraternities and sororities have been highly associated with hazing, violence, and vandalism, and no longer for high valued principles and humanitarian works. Evident as a growing number of colleges and universities, parents and even fellow students are discouraging membership to such.
* APO was not sparred, was even tagged as a notorious gang that caught more media attention than the countless service projects we had.
* According to our ID database out of 40,000+ members only around 2000 members are from batches 2005-present assuming older batches have already graduated.
* Less than 5% of our registered members are of collegiate status
* APO Phils Chapters = 300+: CHED institutions = 1,714*
* Sadly, APO is only present in about 20%++ of campuses nationwide.

+ Tertiary institutions including satellite campuses, CHED Statistical Bulletin 2004-2005
++ Including chartered and petitioning chapters

Ano ngayon gusto mo mangyari?

* Looking at the glass half full that means there are still 1,300+ uncharted territories that we could conquer and convert to collegiate chapters
* APO is reaping the benefits of the recruitment efforts in the past decades. Many of its members are holding significant positions in the government and private sector, and with the recent electoral process, many of our members triumph with the help of fellow brothers and sisters.
* Presently the VP, Chief PNP, Navy Chief, SAF Director, Governors, Mayors, CEOs, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, among others are proud brods and sisters, this is the right opportunity to expand beyond our imagination.
* Countless of students nationwide wants an opportunity to be leaders, friends and of service to their fellow men. Denying them of this opportunity to prove themselves worthy to be one by not opening our gates wide enough even to accommodate a small percentage is a loss for both.
* The future of APO lies in the efforts we make TODAY!

Planuhin natin ng maayos, pag tayo lumakad dapat malinis…

*The Four Folds in Recruitment*

Categorized into 2 parts; the first part will focus on the target market, the college students. Second part will focus on strengthening the front liners in recruiting, the collegiate members.

1. Open House Chapter Activities
“Just a glimpse of an exciting college life”

* Activities wherein non-APO members (students) can participate. Feeling what is it like to be an APO may create the desire to join.
* Association with the fraternity stereotype known for hazing, violence and vandalism may be lessen, when the public is openly invited and would have a good time hanging out with us, even if they decided not to join, they will be able to say good things about us.

It’s actually pretty simple that any collegiate chapter can do, they may have one or two activities per semester that is solely devoted to the participation of non-APO members in their campus, it maybe a service project, a social event or a sports activity, be sure that all students that came and participated registered with their contact details. After the open house event, a week or so later, contact the students and invite them for a membership orientattion, when prospects seem to be decided, close the deal and proceed with baptismal ceremony or pledge ritual. Keep repeating the same recruitment process after each batch has survived and in no time your chapter will have sufficient number of members.

Some chapters have regular open house activities that made wonders for them, send your chapters strategy so we will be able to share it to all. If your chapter is planning to have a chapter open house activity, let us know how we can help, the email is residente1925@

2. APO Recruitment Video Series
“The visual enticement”

* The cheapest way to reach a vast audience especially the youth is through the internet.
* Recruitment videos are widely used by small to large businesses, and government entities among others.
* Together with the right promotion and a systematic plan of converting viewers may boost our recruitment this school year.

1st Video: APO is Fun!

This would be a very funny video that would spark interests, conveys a message that a fraternity and sorority like APO is not scary at all, it is so much fun to be in and might be what is missing in the college life of some students. It would give prospects little information but would make them more curious to know more.

2nd Video: The APO Life, a Documentary

After generating interest, the second video will be informative and would address prospects’ inquiries and objections. Aside from portraying chapter activities, it would include interviews with notable members as well.

3rd Video: Living a Life of Service

The final video would seal the deal, a heroic plot that would stir the emotion of the prospect, showing how being an APO can make a difference in the lives of others.

Aside, from the videos to further reinforce the online presence other online features such as blogs, open forums, facebook fan page, formspring, twitter and the like will be utilized to promote interaction with prospects. Perhaps a webpage solely devoted for recruitment ( ph). APO Webteam please advise.

The Recruitment Hotline plays a significant part because it connects the applicant to the chapter concerned, landlines, mobiles or emails of operators will be posted in the videos for prospects to contact. If in case that no chapter exists in where the prospect is enrolled, the Chapter Expansion Team and/or the Regional Director could assist in organizing the creation of a new chapter.

3. Recruitment Boot Camps
“Strengthening our Front Liners”

* Regular schedules for chapter management workshops for residents conducted by dedicated alumni members and/or national or regional officers, the topics includes recruitment, fund raising, new chapter officer training, gaining school recognition, APP compliance, and a lot more.
* The makings of a successful chapter begin with a harmonious relationship with the alumni members. This program would make way for that opportunity, a healthy chapter mentorship-stewards hip program, that bridges the new and old generations together.

4. APP Help Desk
“There is nothing wrong with asking for help”

* Chapters that want to comply with the anti-hazing law, tried to apply the APP but the drastic change is just too peculiar or it’s just too damn complicated to fit in the current chapter status. The APP Help Desk is available for personalized chapter consultation that would seem fit to the situation.
* On the other hand chapters that doesn’t want to comply with APP and brutally kicks pledges’ ass, which were referred by Recruitment Hotline or any pledges for that matter, the APP Help Desk will entertain reports and/or complains on hazing activities and other APP violations.
* Pledge activities like making the school’s dirtiest toilet sparkle or dancing in women’s clothes, or strenuous exercise routines however, without receiving a single blow, reported maliciously as hazing, the APP Help Desk may be able to provide assistance.

The APP Task Force went around the country a couple of years ago conducted APP workshops and a trainers’ workshop, the latter is for the purpose of duplicating the APP workshops for a faster and efficient way of disseminating APP to the chapter level. These certified APP trainers are encouraged to volunteer as APP Chapter Consultants and/or to facilitate APP Boot Camps.

Brod, ang dami! Tawag ng resbak!

It is a lot of work. That’s why we need everybody’s help to pull this off, in the actual recruitment field, and if the chapter is underground using guerrilla tactics to lure prospects to pledge, ain’t that easy. Also a ton of volunteers, you, yes you, brod, or sis, you can choose from the following below and send an email to residente1925@, indicating where you want to be involved in:

1. Online Volunteers “ this is a piece of cake, things like answering applicant queries and refer them to the chapters, ignore and delete unconstructive garbage comments, etc.

a. Recruitment Blog Admin and content contributors
b. Facebook Fan Page, Formspring, Twitter and others that need Admins
c. Online Marketing Experts
d. And other tasks that seem necessary

2. Alumni Members

a. Chapter Advisors to monitor the development of the chapter
b. Boot Camp Facilitator please email your choice of topic/s to discuss, schedule and preferred location for lecture/s, and presentation/ lecture content
c. APP Chapter Consultant – required to be a APP Certified Trainer
d. APP Help Desk Legal Advisor
e. School Recognition Consultant
f. Scouting Advisors

3. Recruitment Hotline Operators  phone, text and email responses to queries of prospects and/or referral to local chapter where prospects is enrolled, and please no jejemons.

4. Working Committee Staff – We are hoping to get a good response from service oriented group of people. Again, the email is residente1925@, just indicate what type of volunteer work you want to do, if you can’t decide just yet, don’t worry we’ll decide for you. Pretty much most of the volunteer work is open to all brods and sis nationwide, and the online volunteers could be anywhere in the world. APO USA has been continually conducting webinars, if there are brods or sis that wants to give it a go and please reserve us slots.

This campaign will be a collective effort wherein all of its members can actively participate, there is no such thing as too many volunteers, there is always work to do. If there are creative ideas that is worth sharing just email it at residente1925@, we’ll work something out. This will be so much fun and exciting for a unified Alpha Phi Omega!

Kung andiyan lang ako brod naka pronta to!

Too bad you’ll miss all the fun, but we’ll take pictures and videos for foreign based members. Luckily, monetary donations are very much welcome. Once the finance committee is complete, they will be taking care of the financial aspect of the campaign. And will be with you shortly…

Just a thought, from this year onwards: chapters start to aggressively recruit prospects, the availability of recruitment paraphernalia, chapter management training, and chapter support services, then the evaluation of recruitment strategies, statistical evidence of growth and constant improvement, eventually we will be able to find what works, it may take some time but definitely not any longer if we have started laying our groundwork several years from now.

This is an investment for the future.

Chillax ka lang may nakatago pa dito…

Yup, we have more tricks up our sleeves. Just a heads up, we are working on the details of a possible APO Orientation Concert featuring topnotch bands of the country, in an attempt to break all records for the most number of prospects that was baptized to be pledges, in just one awesome night, an image of a sea of students on their knees bowing down to the fraternity seal ready to live a life of service…Legendary!

Sabayan na kung sabayan!

Aside from bringing new faces into our fold within the next few months, the APO Nationwide Recruitment Campaign is about us, about what we are suppose to be, a fraternity and a sorority, a group of people associated for a common purpose. And now we have a new objective, say, we got each others backs on this, right?


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