As per National Code of By-Laws, Associate Membership is categorized into four (4) namely; 1) APO Foreign Members, 2) Supporters and Friends, 3) Spouses of Members, and 4) Children of APO Spouses. Although the guidelines in each category may be similar in some respects, guidelines for specific category should be strictly observed.

[aa] APO Foreign Members:

  1. Must be a graduate in a program for regular membership of Alpha Phi Omega in his/her country of origin;
  1. Must fulfill the requirements of a member in good standing set forth by the APO National Office in his/her country of origin.

Documentary Requirements:

  1. Colored photocopy of a current Identification Card issued by the National Office of Alpha Phi Omega in his/her country of origin or;
  2. Copy of membership certificate issued by the same authority as above; the originals of both must be presented upon the filing of application for membership.

[bb] Affiliates (Supporters and Friends):

  1. Must have actively and consistently participated in the service activities of the organization for a minimum continuous period of four (4) years;
  1. Must have at least twenty-five (25) units in tertiary level in any accredited educational institution;
  1. No Criminal Record and of Good Moral Character

Documentary Requirements:

  1. A certificate of active participation in service projects for a minimum continuous period of four (4) years duly vouched by the leadership of a basic organizational unit;
  2. Results of drug and psychological tests conducted by agencies duly accredited by the government performed no less than two (2) weeks at the time of application;3.
  3. NBI and PNP clearances not less than three (3) months at the time of application;
  4. Proof of enrollment and copies of transcript of records or class cards in a tertiary educational institution

[cc] Spouses of Members:

1.Member’s spouse must have actively participated in APO service projects for a minimum cumulative period of at least two (2) years;

2.Member must have graduated from a program for regular membership in Alpha Phi Omega;

3. Member must be in good standing

Documentary Requirements:

  1. A certificate of active participation in service projects for a minimum cumulative period of at least two (2) years duly vouched by the leadership of the basic organizational unit concerned;
  2. Certified true copy of the Identification Card of the member and/or if deceased, a certification of the membership from the National Office duly authenticated by the National Executive Director;
  3. Certified True Copy of Marriage Contract

[dd] Children of APO Spouses:

  1. Must be or must have been in tertiary level in any accredited educational institution;
  1. Both parents must have graduated from a regular program for membership;
  1. Both parents must be in good standin
  1. The beneficiary must manifest his/her intentions in writing;
  1. Application by the parents will not be eligible for consideration.

Documentary Requirements

  1. Birth certificate;
  2. Certified True Copy of both parents’ Identification Card, or if both or one is deceased; a certification of both parents’ membership from the National Office duly authenticated by the National Executive Director;
  3. Certified True Copy of the parents’ Marriage Contract;
  4. In the case that parents’ are not married, an acknowledgement of both that they are the parents of the applicant will be sufficient;
  5. Proof of enrollment in any accredited tertiary educational institution.

It should be noted that all applicants for Associate Membership, who formerly failed to complete their pledgeship with justifiable reasons, should submit a written certification from the Grand Chancellor (GC) or Grand Lady Chancellor (GLC) / Prime Chancellor (PC) or Prime Lady Chancellor (PLC) at that time or from at least three (3) bonafide members having full and direct knowledge.


  1. Duly filled up application forms including the above-mentioned requirements must be submitted to the basic organizational unit;
  1. Evaluation and endorsement of the basic organizational unit if the application is acceptable;
  1. Endorsements of the Regional Directorate and the Executive Council thru the National President;
  1. Commission on Memberships evaluation and authentication of submitted supporting documents (i.e. id nos.; personalities; references; etc.) vis-à-vis with the National Executive Director’s authentication;
  1. Publication of the applicants’ name at the official website &/or with the Torch & Trefoil for at least three (3) months;
  1. Endorsement of the Commission on Membership;
  1. Board of Directors approval or rejection.
  1. For approved applications; endorsement by the National Executive Director to the original basic organizational unit where the original application had been made with corresponding copies to be provided to the Regional Directorate concerned and the Commission on Membership;
  1. Orientation and Ritual rites to be conducted by the basic organizational unit and shall be governed by existing procedures in the Standard Pledge Program;
  1. It shall be the basic organizational unit where the original application was made who will conduct the rites applicable for Associate membership, the applicant also will carry the name of the basic organizational unit.


A processing fee of Five Hundred Pesos, Philippine Currency (Php 500.00) shall be collected from the applicant. Such fee is subjected to the current sharing scheme being adopted by the National Office.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors or the General Assembly shall subject said fee, for changes.

It must be noted here that the Board Of Directors shall have the Supreme Authority in granting favorably the said application. It should, however, be made after a favorable endorsement by the Basic Organizational Unit, Regional Directorate, Executive Council and the Commission on Membership. Unless otherwise vetoed by the General Assembly when in session.



a) As of May 2007:

  1. Josephine Nava-Medina = AA #23 – 2007- (Spouse of Member/APO-NEA)
  2. Jamal Harim Bin Abdullah = Lambda – 2007- (APO-USA/Foreign Member)

b) As of May 2009:

  1. Daisy V. Adriano-Mejia = AA #75 – 2009 – 43017 (Spouse of Member/APO-Australia NSW AA)
  2. Nelia F. Garcia-Sumcad = AA #75 – 2009 – 43018 (Supporter & Friend/APO-Australia NSW AA)

c) As of May 2013: (awarded on April 28, 2012)

  1. Marites C. Cruz-Licerio = AA# 190 – 2012 – 48553 (Spouse of Member/ APO Delta Alpha AA)

 d) As of May 2015 (awarded May 20, 2015; BR # 2013-15-090)

  1. Rosalie Magbanua-Reyes =AA #137 – 2015 {id number on process} (Spouse of Member/ Frank Reed Horton Society)
  2. Nicanor Manliquez-Hernandez = AA #137 – 2015 {id number on process} (Supporter & Friend/ Frank Reed Horton Society)
  3. Delfin Rivero Pilapil, Jr = AA #273 – 2015 {id number on process} (Spouse of Member/APO Goa AA)


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