Congratulations to all brods and sis who recently topped and passed the Bar, namely:

Atty. Dexter Rojas (Iota Eta Chapter) – Top 9
Atty. Honcel Destajo (Xi Alpha)
Atty. Marlouis Planas (Alpha Delta)
Atty. Fritz Sapon (Eta)
Atty. Mel John Acuros (Delta Tau)
Atty. Jan Michael Bondoc (Iota Psi)
Atty. Dino Roel De Guzman (iota Eta/ eta affiliate)
Atty. Marichie Alaras (Pi)
Atty. Ruth Galang (Zeta Delta)
Atty. Mary Ann De Vera (Eta Omicron)
Atty. Manuel Satuito (Delta Kappa)
Atty. May DL De Guzman (Theta)
Atty. Mikhail Andrei Larios (Theta Chi)
Atty. Lee Ann Yabut (Xi Alpha)
Atty. Florian Piedad II (Gamma)
Atty. Jeff Antala (Lambda Sigma)
Atty. Rana Bernardes (Theta Zeta)
Atty. Vinci Petilos (Theta Zeta)
Atty. Grafer-Carl Lentejas (Theta Zeta)
Atty. Aidyl Perez (Iota Eta)
Atty. Jay Baya (Eta)
Atty. Justine Ria M. Almojuela (Gamma Omicron)
Atty. Tristan Adviento ( PUNP PC-093)


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News & Articles

APO Sis is new National President

Congratulations to the newly elected National Board of Trustees of our beloved organization Alpha Phi Omega Philippines, Inc. Alpha Phi Omega, Phil. Inc. National Leadership DY. 2021-2023 Chairman: Bro: Archie Bugarin National President: Sis. Atty. Norma Singson de Leon Vice-Chairman: Bro. Edgar Llarena National Executive Vice-President: Bro. Datu Amerhassan… Read More
September 27, 2021 / Comments
Rest in Peace, Past National President Geoffrey Pungutan, Al Haj

Rest in Peace, Past National President Geoffrey Pungutan, Al Haj

We deeply mourn the passing and extend our deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to the bereaved family of Past National President Geoffrey Pungutan, Al Haj, D.Y. 1985-1987.
September 17, 2021 / Comments

Notice of Resetting of the Special Virtual General Assembly

Notice of Resetting of the Special Virtual General Assembly from MAY 15, 2021 to MAY 30, 2021 Read More
May 16, 2021 / Comments

Submission of Delegates

Calling all Recognized Collegiate Chapters and Alumni Associations to submit your official delegates to the Special Virtual National General Assembly. Deadline of submission is until May 7 2021.

May 4, 2021 / Comments


This agreement grants a web development and mobile applications platform for iOS and Android OS devices (the “APO APP”) for APO PHILIPPINES’ exclusive use.
May 3, 2021 / Comments

APO PHILIPPINES’ 31st General Assembly in Tacloban is Deferred to a future date

Instead, there will be a Virtual General Assembly that will be held on May 15 this month. The only purpose of the General Assembly is to amend a portion of the CBL so that an election can be done online. The current APO CBL is silent about holding an election online.
May 3, 2021 / Comments

Newly Approved Charters

April 26, 2021 / Comments

Special Virtual National General Assembly

Details for the Special Virtual National General Assembly

April 21, 2021 / Comments

Torch and Trefoil Issue 2 for DY 2019-2021

Introducing our Torch and Trefoil 2nd edition for Developmental Year 2019-2021. This issue will tell you stories of exceptional services and highlights the APO’s 32nd National General Assembly at Los Banos 2020, the National President’s, Regional and National Office reports. And of course, what more we can expect from APO’s values put into action.

April 15, 2021 / Comments

Statement on demise of Past National President Bro. Adiong

April 13, 2021 / Comments