March 18, 2005, is the 100th anniversary of the birth of our late beloved Brod Dr. Librado “Bado” Inocencio Ureta Organizer of Alpha Phi Omega of the Philippines.

To honor the memory and celebrate the life and times of Brod Bado:

  •  Share your ideas with the Bado Ureta centennial committee
  • Volunteer to be chair, co-chair, or member of a Bado Ureta centennial subcommittee.

Send your ideas and expression of intention to volunteer to
or send a message to Alpha Phi Omega mailing list services

  • Join the Dr. Librado I. Ureta Foundation, Incorporated, for years 2004-2005
    • US$ 10 for each year or US$ 20 for two years — Individual Membership
    • US$100 for each year — Corporate Membership

Send your checks, payable to the Dr. Librado I. Ureta Foundation, Inc., and mail to:

Sis Emma Rubina Galang, Treasurer
15844 Londelius Street
North Hills CA 91343-4840 USA




  • President Brod Mel S Gonzales Jr
  • Secretary Brod Art M. Rivera
  • Treasurer Sis Emma Rubina Galang

Board of Directors

  • Chair Brod Joemar Camacho
  • Director Sis Nora R. Cortez
  • Director Sis Lucia C. Mercado
  • Director Sis Tess B. Reyes
  • Director Brother Rosemary Riedy
  • Director Brother Jeff Schwartz
  • Director Brod Sancho Z. Sy


  • The Ureta Family
  • Brod Dan Maines, President-CEO, Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Alumni Council of North America
  • Brod Dominador B. Laset Jr., Esq., Immediate Past President, Dr. Ureta Foundation
  • Brod Melchizedek Y. Maquiso, Ph.D., National President Emeritus for Life, APO-Philippines
  • Brod Rodrigo V. Mapoy, National President, APO-Philippines
  • Brother Bobby M. Hainline, National President, APO-USA
  • Brother Allen Wong, D.D.S., Chair, International Council of Alpha Phi Omega
  • Brother Stan Carpenter, Ph.D., Chairman, Alpha Phi Omega Endowment Fund, APO-USA


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News & Articles

ACCEPTANCE SPEECH OF BRO. KEVIN FAUSTIN L. DY, National President, 2023-2025

Past National Presidents, members of the Board of Trustees, Regional Directors from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Presidents of various Alumni Associations, the National Administrative Office, distinguished guests, and fellow members of our beloved fraternity: This is a monumental occasion for us all. My presence here today is a testament that… Read More
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First PNP Medal of Valor Awardee an APO Alumni

Watch video of Brother PCOL Elmar B. Sillador (Ret) giving a Message at the Philippine National Police Academy after being installed as the very first PNP Medal of Valor Awardee.
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33rd National General Assembly

All the information you need in preparation for the 33rd National General Assembly.

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Congratulations to our new APO Lawyers!

1. Atty. Teodoro Aranaydo – Iota Psi 2. Atty. Eden Puspus – Iota Psi 3. Atty. Ezra Barrantes – Iota Psi 4. Atty. Lizette Trinidad – Iota Psi 5. Atty. Wendel Dinglasan – Iota Psi 6. Atty. Rodolfo d. Uy III – Iota Psi… Read More
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Use of APO Insignias this election

Official Statement of APO National regarding the use official insignias of Alpha Phi Omega in supporting candidates this election. Read More
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Torch and Trefoil DY2021-2023 Issue 02

Brothers & Sisters! Happy 72nd founding anniversary! Presenting the Torch and Trefoil DY2021-2023 Issue 02. Please access the TnT by checking the link below. May we always be! PS. the file works the best on a laptop or desktop. Make sure to use… Read More
March 2, 2022 / Comments
APO Brother promoted to Police Major General

APO Brother promoted to Police Major General

Congratulations to Brother Val T. De Leon (Beta Xi ‘83) on your recent promotion to Police Major General of the Philippine National Police! Well deserved brother general sir!
January 31, 2022 / Comments

New Charters

Congratulations to the newly recognized charter of APO Philippines, approved today (January 23, 2022) during the APO Philippines National Board of Trustees’ 2nd regular meeting via zoom teleconferencing. Sorority Chapter 1. APO Beta Tau Sorority Chapter, Arellano University, Sampaloc Manila Charter No. 161under National Capital Administrative Region (NCR)… Read More
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ICAPO Election 2022

ICAPO Election 2022

Kudos to Sis Chair Judge Alice Gutierrez for serving three (3) years as the Chairperson of the International Council of Alpha Phi Omega (ICAPO) and Congratulations to the new set of officers who will be serving from 2022-2023, (as elected at the APO USA 2021 National Convention) held today Monday,… Read More
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APO Brod is new PACC Chairman

APO Brod is new PACC Chairman

Congratulations to brother Fortunato G. Guerrero, Delta Xi’79 on his recent well deserved appointment as Chairman of the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC). The Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission, on behalf of the President, ensures the accountability of public officers and to make sure that government take effective measures against graft and corruption… Read More
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