To enhance organizational capabilities of Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines) Incorporated Fraternity and Sorority, its General Assembly adopted on 24 May 2003 — during its 22nd National Biennial Convention — a new Code of By-Laws. Article by PNP Rodrigo Mapoy


To enhance organizational capabilities of Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines) Incorporated Fraternity and Sorority, its General Assembly adopted on 24 May 2003 — during its 22nd National Biennial Convention — a new Code of By-Laws that transparently drafted by well-meaning and competent brothers and sisters who collectively envision a more cohesive national organization.

The new Code of By-Laws was designed to encourage more members to be pro-active in managing a national fraternal organization composed of men and women of divergent political, religious and cultural beliefs as well as socio-economic statures who have undergone through a Standard Training Program designed towards the total eradication of hazing and the culture of violence.

Notably, national as well as regional officers of Development Year (DY) 2003 – 2005 were elected prior to the ratification of the new Code of By-Laws. Therefore, over and above their regular duties and responsibilities, they were tasked to re-organize the organization in accordance with the new Code of By-Laws.

This report therefore presents what we have thus far achieved.


Fully aware of the importance of the Constitutional Commissions created under the new Code of By-Laws, the first official action taken by the President was to appoint the Chairpersons of the various Constitutional Commissions whose terms of office will outlive the tenure of the President.

The following were appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors during its first meeting on June 28, 2003;

  • Bro. Constantino T. Lopez – Commission on Membership
  • Sis. Aniceta L. Laceda – Commission on Elections (Acting Chair)
  • Bro. Jose P. Arce – Commission on Ways and Means
  • Bro. Atty. Rommel Agan – Commission on Audit
  • Bro. Rodolfo Tamani – Commission on Scouting
  • PNP Atty. Felix J. Marinas – Commission on International Relations

The Commission on Membership (CoMe) is composed of:

  • Bro. Constantino “Boy” T. Lopez, Jr. – Chair (2003-2010);
  • Bro. Ernesto “Ernie” E. Salting – Vice Chair (2003-2010);
  • Bro. Eufrepes “Jun” E. Pangapalan, Jr. (2003-2010);
  • Bro. Edmar U. Par (2003-2008); who is currently permanently represented by Bro. Roberto “Obet” L. Ansula;
  • Bro. Mariano “Mar” G. Barrios (2003-2008);
  • Sis. Crisanta “Cris” S. Palon (2003-2006);; and
  • Bro. Orlando “Orly” Reyes (2003-2010).

The CoMe came out with the Rules and Procedure on membership and new Guidelines on the Renewal/Application of APO ID, which were approved by the Joint Executive-Legislative on July 27, 2003. It is envisioned that this system will put in plave a self-checking mechanism to avoid issuance of ID’s to non-APO members.

The Commission on Elections is composed of: Sis. Aniceta “Annie” L. Laceda, Interim Chair; Bro. Eddie Z. Foo (2003-2010); Bro. Bernard Quijano (2003-2010); Bro. Thomas “Tom” Que (2003-2008); Sis. Marilyn Campomanes (2003-2008); Sis. Alice Guttierez (2003-2006); and Bro. Juanito “Jun” V. Ravanzo, Jr. (2003-2006).

To institutionalize the election process of APO, the Board unanimously approved, with some corrections, the Omnibus Election Code of 2003 for the Alpha Phi Omega on 14 December 2003 proposed by the Commission on Elections. Corrected printed copies of the Omnibus Election Code were distributed through the Regional Administrative Directors in February 2005.

Pursuant to its mandate, Acting Chair-Aniceta Laceda called for a General Assembly on January 10, 2004 at the Pearl Dragon Hospital, Bocobo St. Ermita, Manila to explain new Omnibus Election Code and the qualifications of the voters and candidates.

The Commission on Ways and Means is composed of: Bro. Jose “Pete” T. Arce, Jr., Chairman, (2003-2010); Bro. Carmelito “Benjie” L. Montecillo (2003-2010);

The Board approved its proposal to establish the “Society of the Torchbearers Program”, a system of conferring titles based on the level of contribution of Brothers and Sisters, to wit:

  1. Lord Stephen Smith Baden-Powell Fellow for a cumulative contribution of PhP100,000.00;
  2. Dr. Frank Reed Horton Fellow for a cumulative contribution of PhP50,000.00;
  3. Dr. Librado I. Ureta for a cumulative contribution of PhP25,000.00;
  4. Ignacio J. Sevilla Fellow for a cumulative contribution of PhP15,000.00; and
  5. Torch Bearer for pledging to contribute PhP2,500.00 annually.

The “Society of the Torch Bearers Program” shall be the main and primary fund raising program of APO Philippines. Funds generated by the program shall be managed by a Board of Fund Managers composed of the Chair of the Legislative Council; the President of the Executive Council; the Chair of the Ways and Means Commission; the Commissioners of the Ways and Means Commission; and the National Executive Director.

The funds raised from the program shall be disbursed or utilized strictly following these proportions: 30% for Program Expenses; 35% for Service Projects and 35% to be set aside for a permanent fund.

The early members of the Society of Torch Bearers are:

  1. Bro. Rovel D. Tomambo – No. 001 Librado I. Ureta Fellow
  2. Bro. Renato “Stalin” Orlanda – No. 001 Ignacio J. Sevilla Fellow

The names and titles of all of those who shall choose to belong to the “Society of the Torch Bearers” shall be engraved in brass plates that shall be displayed in the Board of Distinction recently put up at the National Administrative Office.

Another sustained fund raising activity being considered is the APO Visa Affinity Card. Essentially, the project aims to systematically convince at least 3,000 Brothers and Sisters with generally acceptable credit ratings in financial institutions to join the circle using specially designed credit cards that bear the seal of APO within one year from launch date of the program.

If approved, the PhP300.00 joining fee of all APO Visa Affinity Card Holders shall include the annual ID renewal fee for DY 2005 to 2007.

The fund raising program shall be presented by the Commission on Ways and Means for adoption by the General Assembly the during the 23rd Biennial Convention.

The Commission on Scouting is composed of Bro. Rodolfo “Roy” B. Tamani (2003-2010); Bro. Eligio “Ely” T. Ildefonso (2003-2010); Romeo “Romy: Ripalda (2003-2010); Bro. Nicando :Nic” G. Linao (2003-2008); Bro. Ramon “Monet” C. Ungco (2003-2008); Sis. Alice C. Guttierez (2003-2006); and Bro. Wilfredo “Willy” P. Andrade (2003-2008).

The Commission on Scouting has successfully replanted the seeds of our roots – the Scouting movement. It is now housed at the 2nd Floor of the National Headquarters of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines courtesy of Bro. Jejomar C. Binay and its Secretary General Jose Rizal C. Pangilinan.

The commission has actively organized Rover Scout vigils for Brothers and Sisters nationwide. To date, there are already 1,393 APO Rover Scouts.

Its active involvement in the promotion of Rover scouting in close coordination with the BSP as well as its participation as part of the technical working group that prepared the National Service Training Program (NSTP) – Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) Scouting Program laid the foundations for the active participation of our collegiate chapters in implementing these mandatory programs for college students in lieu of military training.

In other words, the Scouting Commission has opened up the avenue for the recruitment into our folds of the best and the brightest among college men and women who have shown their interest in Scouting by choosing NSTP – CWTS Scouting Program over other training programs. The following are some of their activities:

  1. Balik Scouting Program organized by Region 8
    Venue: Tacloban, October 4-5, 2003.
  2. Rover/Roverette Scouting Vigil hosted by LSPC Petitioning Chapter
    Venue: LSPC Campus, Los Baños, Laguna, March 10, 2004.
  3. Regional Rover Vigil organized by Region 4A
    Venue: Camp Bolkiah, BSP Camp, Los Baños, Laguna, May 10, 2004.
  4. NCR Roverr Team Building & Vigil hosted by Alpha Epsilon Alumni Association
    Venue: TUP Quadrangle, TUP Manila, May 29, 2004


A. Recognition of Chapters

Despite the overwhelming negative impression on greek-lettered fraternal organizations brought about by the deaths due to hazing and inter-fraternity conflicts, new Collegiate Chapters and Alumni Associations have applied for and passed through the rigorous requirements of earning new charters of Alpha Phi Omega.

Collegiate Chapters

The following Collegiate Chapters have been duly recognized:

  1. Lambda Upsilon – University of Immaculate Concepcion; October 1, 2003
  2. Lambda Phi – Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Ragay; June 27, 2004
  3. Lambda Chi – AMA Tacloban; March 2, 2005
  4. Lambda Psi РLaguna State Polytechnic College РLos Ba̱os Campus; May 25, 2005
  5. Lambda Omega – Laguna State Polytechnic College – San Pablo Campus; May 25, 2005
  6. Mu Alpha – Surigao Education Center; May 25, 2005
  7. Mu Beta – Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation; May 25, 2005
  8. Mu Gamma – St. Paul’s Business School; May 25, 2005
  9. Mu Delta – Technological Institute of the Philippines; May 25, 2005
  10. Mu Epsilon – Sorsogon State College; May 25, 2005
  11. Mu Zeta – Palawan Stae University – Brooke’s Point Campus; May 25, 2005
  12. Mu Eta – Bicol Institute of Science and Technology; May 25, 2005

Alumni Associations

The following Alumni Associations have been duly recognized:

  1. APO Kuwait Alumni Association; September 12, 2003
  2. APO UK Alumni Association; December 14, 2003
  3. Samahang APO Ligao (SAPOL) Alumni Association; December 14, 2003
  4. APO Lipa Alumni Association; December 14, 2003
  5. APO Missisauga Alumni Association; June 27, 2004
  6. APO Sapon Alumni Association; June 27, 2004
  7. APO Alpha Omicron Alumni Association; March 2, 2005
  8. APO Buyog Alumni Association; March 2, 2005
  9. APO Bongabong Alumni Association; March 2, 2005
  10. APO Maqueda Alumni Association; May 25, 2005
  11. APO Sta. Rosa Alumni Association; May 25, 2005
  12. APO Beta Tau International Alumni Association; May 25, 2005

B. ID Application / Renewal

New Renewal

National Capital Region 408/833

Northern Luzon Administrative Region 246/326

Southern Luzon Administrative Region 341/515

Northwestern Visayas Administrative Region 39/65

Southeastern Visayas Administrative Region 270/142

North Mindanao Administrative Region 129/177

Southeastern Mindanao Administrative Region 168/147

Administrative Region of North America 18/45

Administrative Region of the Middle East and Europe 5/70

TOTAL 1,624 2,320


A. APO Blood Bank Program

One of the most common service projects being conducted by collegiate chapters and alumni associations of APO Phils is “Bloodletting” in cooperation with their respective counterpart local chapters of the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) in different parts of the country.

Despite this, the problem of looking for sources of processed blood for APO Brothers and Sisters in need remains to be addressed on a systematic and sustainable manner. It is quite appalling that despite the thousands of liters of blood that APO Brothers and Sisters have collectively donated, we still need to scrounge for blood whenever we need it to save the life of one of us. Thus, the need for a program through which a “Bloodbank” from which APO members can draw their need for processed blood anywhere in the Philippines as fast and at least cost as possible was realized.

As an initial step to address this need, we have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement through NP Rodrigo V. Mapoy with the Quezon City Red Cross (QCRC) represented by Hon Dante Liban on 25 January 2005. The MOA served as basis of a series of mass blood donation activities in the run-up to the March 18, 2005 – the 100th birthday of Bro. Bado Ureta — nationwide blood letting activities coordinated by the Regional Administrative Directors thru the respective Section Chairs.

Blood-letting Projects organized by:

  1. APO National at Quezon City Hall, March 18, 2005.
  2. Eta Chapter at UP Diliman, January 31, 2005.
  3. Delta Alpha Chapter and APO Manda Alumni Assn. At the Rizal Technological University, Mandaluyong City, February 16, 2005.
  4. APO Parañaque Alumni Assn. At St. Andrews School Parañaque, February 13, 2005
  5. Delta Chapter and Delta Alumni Assn. at PLDT Muñoz, Phils., July 18, 2004
  6. APO San Pablo Alumni Assn. at the Red Cross A.Q. San Pablo City, February 13, 2005
  7. APO Region 8, February 13, 2005
  8. APO Region 7, February 14, 2005
  9. APO Pasigueño Alumni Assn. September 15, 2005
  10. Delta Alpha Chapter, Donado St., Pasay City September 7, 2005
  11. Lambda Delta Chapter, Zeta Xi Chapter Chi Chapter & Alumni Association and APO Guapo Alumni Assn. in Calaug, Quezon, March 18, 2005
  12. Theta Omega Chapter, CSPC Clinic Nabua, Camarines Sur, March 1, 2005
  13. APO Lambda Rho Chapter (Tiburcio Memorial Institute of Science and Technology and Christ the King College at Calbayog City.

B.Relief Operations

Four (4) destructive typhoons ravaged various parts of the country during the last quarter of 2004. To sympathize with those adversely affected, the 79th International Anniversary celebration Chaired by Bro. Edgar C. Llarena was cancelled. In lieu of it, Brothers and Sisters were called upon to contribute goods and services for relief operations.

The bulk of national APO relief operations were focused to Roxas, Mindoro Oriental because the biggest concentration of members of APO who suffered the effects of the natural disasters resides in said municipality. The relief goods were initially collected at the NAO and transferred to the APO-BSP office. These were coursed through Bro. Elmer Reyes, Section Chair Region IV-B who turned these over to affected Brothers and Sisters.

Brothers and Sisters in the Southern Luzon Administrative Region also conducted relief operations in Infanta, Quezon in cooperation with the SCAPO AA and the Governor’s Office of the Province of Laguna.

C. YES for PEACE – Bayanihan para sa Kapayapaan

Our commitment to Bro. Frank Reed Horton’s vision of contributing to world peace is manifested by our continued support for the YES for PEACE – Bayanihan para sa Kapayapaan campaign initiated by Bro. Ernie A. Alcanzare. The latest round of the campaign generated approximately 500,000 responses received by the Office of the Postmaster General, Notably, this impressive number of responses resulted from a seed of only 500 copies of a Memorandum of DepEd Secretary Florencio B. Abad.

Bro Senator Bong Revilla has filed a Resolution supporting the campaign. Moreover, aside from free postal and teachers’ services, the Philippine Information Agency is ready to provide PhP130M worth of air time while the National Printing Office has offered its manpower and facilities for printing the campaign materials.

D. Economic Self-reliance Program — Integrated Neighborhood Association (ESP ng INA)

Our experiences in past national elections of the country have underscored the need to firmly implant Alpha Phi Omega’s leadership at grassroots levels. After several attempts for elected national positions, it has become very clear that the purely political tract that we have undertaken should be reviewed and redirected.

Thus, a Neo Political Affairs Group (NPAG) led by Bro. Jun Tolentino was formed to review our political and socio-economic platform. The goal of the group is to explore doable community based livelihood activities to substantiate the program.

E. Humanitarian Aid for Bro. Judge Manuel Tan

The call for help for the treatment of Bro. Judge Manuel Tan was disseminated through various means of communications including the popularly used apophilnet and other e-groups. The response among members was overwhelming. Notably, APO Emarat raised PhP10, 000.00, APO Australia pitched in PhP 19,000.00 and APO Greater Los Angeles area passed around the hand and contributed US $1600. For its part, the National Leadership solicited the help of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes, which gave PhP100, 000.00 for the purchase of medicines that were administered in lieu of chemotherapy.

The collective effort of Brothers and Sisters led to the recuperation of Bro. Tan and hopefully, remission will ensue. He is looking forward to joining us in the 23rd Biennial Convention.

F. Special Discount for current APO ID Card Holders

A Memorandum of Agreement with Negros Navigation granting a special discount of 20% round trip for all current APO ID Card holders on all its vessels was signed on October 11, 2004. This is expected to benefit thousands of members who usually use the sea route in their inter-island trips.



A. Management of Torch and Trefoil

The Torch and Trefoil has traditionally been managed and financed as a regular function of the National Council. It has been observed that the publication cannot support itself inasmuch as it relies mainly on contributions and donations of members.

The practice restricted its growth as a professional publication both in terms of presentation and management. Thus, the Board authorized the creation of the Torch and Trefoil Editorial Board and the granting of 30% of its income as management fee through Resolution 023-03.

B. Transfer of Condominium Title to APO

As its modest contribution in the ownership of our very own office, this administration worked on the transfer of the ownership title of the condominium unit currently being used as the National Administrative Office. Empowered by Board Resolution No. 34-04 adopted on June 27, 2004, the National President and the President of East-West signed the Deed of Sale on covering the sale of Unit 301 of Residencia Braganza, 270 Ermin Garcia, Barangay Silangan, Cubao, Quezon City.

C. Filing of Code of By-Laws

The filing of the Code of By-Laws signed by Chairman Bro. Luis Paredes as Chair of the Constitutional Commission and attested by Bro. Chato Marinas as Convention Moderator was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 18, 2005 – the 100th birthday of our Bado Ureta as a tribute to his Leadership, Friendship and Service.

D. Renovation of the National Administrative Office

The National Administrative Office was renovated in the first two weeks of March 2005 to make it more space efficient for our staff, client-friendly for Brods and Sis to transact their business and more convenient for small coordination meetings. Sis Ann Arroyo-Villanueva designed and supervised the execution of the renovation. Bro Teng Bracamonte arranged for the funding of the project by Bro. Rovel D. Tomambo.


During DY 2003-2005 Standard Training Procedure Seminars, Medical, Dental, Environmental and other Projects were undertaken namely, among others:

  1. NCR Medical & Dental Mission, Sigma Chapter, February 1, 2004.
  2. Medical & Dental Mission, Eta Chapter, APO-MAFI APODAP March 3, 2004.
  3. Medical & Dental Mission, APO-MAFI APODAP April 4, 2004.
  4. STP Workshop hosted by Petitioner’s Chapters June 20 & September 3, 2004. August 2, 2004, November 1, 2004. February 12, 2005-Sect.6
  5. Manila Bay Clean-up NCR, March 6, 2005.
  6. ”Coastal Clean-Up” Delta Alpha Chapter, August 8, 2004.
  7. BeskAPO 2: Papel, Gunting…Rock! (a benefit concert) Iota Eta Chapter, August 13, 2004.
  8. “Anti-Rabies Campaign Program” Delta Alpha Chapte, August 28, 2004.
  9. “MY Zoo Beautification” Delta Alpha Chapter, August 29, 2004.
  10. “Hope House-Christmas in November” APO Alumni Association of New Jersey, November 2004.
  11. “Pamaskong Handog sa Pinyahan” Alpha Chapter and Alpha Alumni Assn., December 2004.
  12. ABS-CBN “Sagip Kababayan” Typhoon Yoyong Victim Finanacial Aid of 20, 085 Pesos December 4, 2004.
  13. “Flood Victims Assistance, Delta Beta Alumni Assn., December 5, 2004.
  14. “Pamaskong Handog ng APO” Delta Chapter, Delta Alumni Assn. (Phil-USA, Canada) December 12, 2004.
  15. “Makibata sa Pasko 2004” by APO Pi Chapter: Residents 00016, Pi Alumni Inc., Pi North America AA, December 12-13, 2004.
  16. “Book Covering” APO IH Sorority, Iota Eta Chapter, January 28, 2005.
  17. “Dignidad” Iota Eta Sorority, March 13, 2005.
  18. Region 1 “Bahay, Pag-ibig, Home for the Aged”, March 2, 2004.
  19. Region 2 “Damit-Tribu Project” Lal-lo Cagayan Province, April 17-20, 2004.
  20. Region 3 “Operation Tuli” by Theta Delta Chapter, April 24, 2004 and May 8, 2004.
  21. Service to Bethany Orphanage” APO Alumni Association of Western Bulacan, November 27, 2004.
  22. “Medical Dental Mission” Theta Delta Chapter, November 27, 2004.
  23. Region 4A “Billboard vs. Drug Abuse” APO Lipa Alumni Association, July 27, 2004.
  24. “Lapis, Papel at Iba Pa” Affairs, August 25, 2003.
  25. Region 4A “Leadership Training Seminar” September 13-14, 2003.
  26. “Building of Houses for Habitat Foundation by Frank Reed Horton Society, September 5, 2004.
  27. Free Dental and Giving of Free Antibiotics, December 7-8, 2003.
  28. Medical and Dental Mission APO Lipa Alumni Assn., February 3, 2004.
  29. Maligayang Pasko Mula sa APOSIS” by APOSIS, December 2004.
  30. “Lapis at Papel for the Day Care Center” by APO Mississauga Alumni Association, July 18, 2004.
  31. Region 4B “Pusong Alay ng APO sa Mental” by APO KAA, APO PEZA, APO IMBAC AA, PCU-Dasmarinas Pet. Center, February 14, 2004.
  32. Free Medical and Dental Mission by Eta Theta Chapter(Colegio de San Juan de Letran) & Eta Theta Alumni Assn., March 5, 2005.
  33. “Landmark Project” by APO KAA, APO PEZA, APO IMBAC AA, PCU-Dasmarinas Pet. Center, March 13, 2004.
  34. Region 4B “Tree Planting and Clean-Up Drive” Buso Watershed, June 20, 2004.
  35. Busol Revisitation & Tree Planting, Buso Watershed, August 24, 2004.
  36. Region 7 “Batang Open Foundation Mass Feeding” December 13, 2004.
  37. Deworming of Tables and Chairs, Alpha Xi Chapter, April 15, 2004.
  38. “Operation Tuli” Alpha Xi Chapter, May 9, 2004.
  39. “Operation Tuli”, Cordova, Lapu-Lapu City, May 15, 2004.
  40. Street Cleaning (Operation Alis-Dikit) Beta Gamma Chapter, June 13, 2004.
  41. “Mangrove Planting Project” Zeta Omega Chapter, August 8, 2004.
  42. “Street Cleaning Project” Eta Tau Chapter, August 23, 2004.
  43. Posting of Emergency Numbers, Beta Gamma Chapter, August 28, 2004.
  44. “Food Planting Project” Beta Gamma Chapter/Alpha Epsilon Chapter/Epsilon Chapter, September 27, 2004.
  45. Region 8 ”Balik Scouting Program, October 4-5, 2003.
  46. “Leadership Training Seminar with STP, October 25-26, 2003.
  47. Region 9 “Clean-Up Drive” by APO Liceo Alumni Assn., January 2004.
  48. “Donations of Wall Clocks in School”, Beta Omega Chapter, June 24, 2004.
  49. “Coastal Clean-Up Drive, August 6, 2004.”
  50. “Clean-Up Drive” APO LICEO Alumni Association, January 2004.
  51. Region 10 “Alay Para kay Bado” by Sorority Council Tribute to Bro. Bado, March 11-13, 2005.
  52. Caraga Region “Tree Planting Project”.
  53. “Adopt a School Project” APO Mississauga Alumni Assn., Surigao City, April 17-20, 2004.
  54. “Sapin sa Paa ng mga Kapuspalad” Alpha Mu Chapter (USC, Cebu City), Surigao City and Surigao del Norte Adopted Schools, Philippines, June 10, 2004.
  55. Cepillos Para sa Maralitang Kabataan” Alpha Mu Chapter (USC, Cebu City), Surigao City, October 14, 2004.
  56. “Adopt-a-School Project” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)/APO SIS
  57. “Feeding Program” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  58. “Medical, Dental, Optical Mission” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  59. “June 12 – Breakfast with the War Veterans” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  60. “Linis Aplaya” APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  61. “Alay sa mga Puso Handog sa mga Detinado by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  62. Search for Outstanding B.S.P., APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. (Yearly)
  63. “Dugo ng APO Para sa Mamayang Pilipino” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn./ Epsilon Gamma Chapter (Yearly)
  64. “Pamaskong Handog ng APOSIS” by APO Surigao City Alumni Assn.
  65. “Bundle of Joy for the Street Childrens and Special Class of MEMCES”, APO Surigao City Alumni Assn. / Epsilon Gamma Chapter (Yearly).


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