Posted By Brod Capa Caparino, Eta 2001, TNT Editor-in-Chief
Manila Pavilion, City of Manila, June 30, 2007

We believe in each other.

Thus did National President (NP)-elect Magleo Adriano end his acceptance speech during the Alpha Phi Omega International Philippines Incorporated Induction of Officers for the Development Year 2007-2009 held on June 30, 2007 at the Alegria, Manila Pavilion, City of Manila, Philippines. Adriano, Eta Chapter Batch 1969-C and Sigma and Omega chapters affiliate, is the 22nd National President of APO.

Adriano, a self-made successful businessman in the country’s prime electronics industry, urged all brothers and sisters in the Philippines as well as overseas to help his administration attain its programs and projects for the next two years. He thanked those who supported him and his entire Performance Team for their trust and confidence. The National President also expressed gratitude to those who did not support his candidacy for keeping democracy alive in the organization, but challenged them to render their utmost commitment and cooperation for the present administration.

“We need your support and cooperation for without it, we will not succeed in all of our endeavors for a better APO,” said Adriano.

The Performance Team

Adriano, along with his Performance Team, swept landslide victory during the elections at the 24th National Biennial Convention (NBC) in Tagaytay City last May 3 to 6, 2007.

His Performance Team composed of Amelito “Bong” Cruz (Executive Vice President), Porfirio Elmer “Elmer” Reyes (Vice President for Alumni Affiars), Ismael “Isma” Pelayo (Vice President for Fraternity Affairs), Alma Sheilla “Rikki” Liquigan (Vice President for Sorority Affairs) were also inducted into office last Saturday.

Board of Directors under the Performance Team inducted were Edgar “Egay” Llarena (Chairman), Octavio “Bebot” Traya(Vice Chairman), Lemuel Espinosa (Director for Alumni Affairs), Oscar “OJ” Lopez Jr. (Director for Fraternity Affairs, and Rheazar Zoenadine “Dotz” Uriarte (Director for Sorority Affairs).

Tagaytay International Convention Center (TICC), the venue of the convention, was filled with campaign materials and political gimmickry that time, coupled with pressures and hot atmosphere brought about by politics. AdrianoÂ’s Performance Team defeated Dolfs LlorcaÂ’s LetÂ’s DOLFS Team. Llorca is the Vice Chairman of the Board during Jimmy de Castro’s presidency.

Passing the Torch

National President Mel Adriano formally accepted the torch of leadership from Jimmy De Castro, president of APO Philippines for the Development Year 2005-2007.

De Castro’s address stressed on gathering all APO to support Adriano administration. The Immediate Past President (IPP) expressed his confidence on the new leadership and further challenged the stewardship of Adriano to continue the programs and projects initiated during his term. Adriano is also part of De CastroÂ’s admin, being the Regional Director of the National Capital Administrative Region (NCAR).

“The officers of the Development Year 2005-2007 thank you all, a lot, for your support,” De Castro said. “We urge you all also to support the incoming officers of our beloved organization,” he added.

A prestigious crowd

A crowd of almost 300 APO men and women was attended by Makati City Mayor Jejomar C. Binay and Makati City Councilor Armand Padilla, both from Eta Chapter. The mayor of the financial center of the country, himself, led the charging of duties of the new national officers. APO Comelec chairman Judge Jose Bautista of Alpha Delta introduced the election winners. Judge Alice Gutierrez of Alpha Eta officiated the induction of officers. Col. Bobby De Joya of Beta Sigma, was the official representative of Police Director Brod Jess Verzosa, president of APO Lawman.

Emceed by Brother Edmund Datuin of Gamma Epsilon and Sister Syl Ilao of Epsilon, the night also gathered past presidents of APO Philippines like Mike Lalanto, Rod Mapoy, Chato Marinas and other esteemed APO personalities.

After the induction of national officers, newly-inducted Chairman of the Board Egay Llarena and Director for Alumni Affairs Lemuel Espinosa inducted into office all the Regional officers in attendance.

Other events during the night include raffles, fellowship/dance party and performance of the band Orange and Lemons.


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