Commission General Rules of Procedure

    1. To adopt “The Robert Rules” in the conduct of its business.
    2. To come up with policies and guidelines in the form of approved resolution not contrary to the organization’s Constitution and By Laws.
    3. To create such other offices and committees as it may deem necessary for the proper functioning of the Commission.
    4. For a smooth inter-office coordination a Commissioner will be tasked to correspond with each office namely; Office of the Fraternity Affairs, Office of the Sorority Affairs, Office of the Alumni Affairs, etc.
    5. Meeting
      • The Commission shall meet every first Friday of the month at place it may prescribe. Notice of special meetings shall be given at least a week prior to the date fixed of the meeting.
      • A majority of four (4) commissioners shall constitute a quorum to do business.
      • Whenever possible, distant Commissioners will be given an advance notice of the agenda to be discussed through electronic mail or other media to enable them to make recommendations and suggestions to serve as input. and will be updated on the outcome of the meeting.
      • Distant Commissioner may assign a representative to attend meetings and other official functions in his behalf and must be an APO member in good standing.To gather resources when the need arises for proper functioning and operation of the Commission.
    6. To conduct consultation on matters concerning the General Membership.
    7. For transparency, whenever possible, an updated financial statement of the Commission will be maintained and will be made available on the Internet.
    8. To update the Board of Directors (BOD) on modification and/or improvement made on the Commission’s Rule on Procedure should the need arise.
    9. To pursue the organization’s Mission and Vision:We envision to be the leading international service organization committed to the development of a world class membership that cares for the quality of life with complete complement guided by the three cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.

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  1. Brods or Sisters, I just want to clarify in regards using batch year. If the pledgee was recruited Nov. 1991 and he finished his final rites on May 1992, what will be his batch year in APO?

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