APO Internet Code of Conduct

There are many issues that affect the proper representation of our service organization that require our members to behave in a respectable and trustworthy manner online. A comprehensive policy dealing with Internet and email use provides guidelines to members on what is and importantly what is not acceptable use of the technology available to them. ALPHA PHI OMEGA PHILIPPINES, Inc. must protect itself and its members from risks of misuse of this technology.

These guidelines are to be observed in the conduct of our ALPHA PHI OMEGA PHILIPPINES, Inc. members on the Internet most especially but not limited to Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Blogs and other social networks:



Under no circumstances shall any of our rituals or password be posted on the Internet.  Use of any of our passwords or parts of it as username on Websites or email addresses is strictly prohibited.



Posting of Photos of any stage of Initiation Rites are strictly prohibited. Posting of Old and new initiation photos is strictly prohibited. Posting of your “Pro-Hazing” preference is strictly prohibited as this will reflect negatively on the organization and conflicts with our organization’s anti-hazing advocacy.



The best way to promote APO Online is to post our worthwhile service projects. When  posting about your service projects or fellowship pictures, always include the any of the following: Name and/or Chapter for proper identification. Always include an encouragement for people to apply.



No personal attacks are allowed against fellow APO members or any other person when representing APO in any of your photos, profile etc. Any grievances should be done via private communication to the individual or office concerned. Although free exchanges of ideas are encouraged, the use of indecent, irreverent and abusive language is strictly prohibited if you are identified with  APO via any information about you on your profile page, avatar, photos etc. Respect and common courtesy should be shown to all  regardless of religion, race, political ideology, age, handicap, socio-economic standing, or educational attainment or fraternal affiliation. By our actions shall APO be judged.



In carrying out the organization’s business, members may learn confidential or sensitive information about the organization:

a)    Its Members, officers, or allied organizations. members must maintain the confidentiality of all information so entrusted to them, except when disclosure is authorized or legally mandated.

b)    Confidential or proprietary information of the organization includes any non-public information that would be harmful to the organization or useful or helpful to our competitors if disclosed.

c)    Confidential information shall not be used for personal gain.

d)    Any message, pictures et al discussing merits of a complaint internal to APO filed or unfiled with the SAC, RAC or Commission on Membership (CoMe) is strictly prohibited.

e)    We must always endeavor to keep our own problems within the organization and not without. at the end of the day, the name of our fraternal organization should not be sullied by petty internal quarrels.

f)     Posting of Membership Rosters and directories online or offline is strictly prohibited.



All members are encouraged to report anything offensive posted on the Internet that could be detrimental to our reputation as an organization. For sensitive local and national issues, decline to give your personal opinions and refer interviews to your respective Regional Administrative Director (RAD).



Non-adherence to the rules set forth herein shall be subject to sanctions. The Commission on Membership  (CoMe) or the National Executive Director may recommend sanctions ranging from reprimand, suspension, or expulsion depending on the gravity of the offense.


These Guidelines may be amended in the future as the need arises.




19 Comments on “APO Internet Code of Conduct

  1. This Code of Conduct was approved by the BOD last Jan. 28, 2012 in Palawan Board Meeting.

  2. Hereunder are some of the comments re: Code of Conduct

    ( From comments posted in FB)

    1.the code of conduct should already contain a table of penalties corresponding to the violations before it should have been presented to the board for approval. it is not the function of the COME to determine the appropriate sanctions or penalties.
    42 minutes ago · Like

    2. the ned is likewise not empowered to determine what sanctions to impose. improper delegation yan.

  3. this is a traffic rule for us to consider and this needs to be properly posted on all sites, pages and apo groups for information and implementation.
    am excited with future comments like freedom of speech vs confidentiality; humor vs integrity; and even sarcasm. well, MWAB!

  4. brod Jose,
    dapat lahat ng Regional Directors maisama sa plan of activities at para ma educate ang mga kapatid natin….maganda tol ito at dapat ipatupad at sundin ng Kapatiran…
    dapat isa batas kung ano ang penalty nito sa mga lumalabag…..mwab!

    Brod Israel

  5. hindi naman dapat kailangan sabihin or gamitin or ipost yun password natin sa internet tayo lang ang nakakaalam ng password natin. . . . . .

  6. RULES ARE MEANT TO BE FOLLOWED… APO is a LAW ABIDING CITIZEN.., is that right? i sure hope so.. pictures showing APO INITIATIONS is a BIG NO NO!!! I think we really need to IMPLEMENT these rules and set good examples to incoming APO members.

  7. Congrats and thanks a lot for coming up with the Code (Rules) of Conduct for everyone’s guidance. Now, implementing the policy is another big question. I suggest start reviewing and visiting some APO groups to check on how they behave while using or representing the name of our org. Again, many thanks and more power to our beloved org.

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