Chapter Knows its Own

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

After Bro. Adjudicator General Luis Paredes made his Legal Opinion that the Commission has the authority to determine whether or not a person is a member, we started the task of handling cases falling on that category. We handled each case with adherence to the unwritten law that it is the Chapter who knows its members. Sino pa ba ang makakakilala sa anak kung hindi ang Ina o ang mga kasambahay niya.

Such is the unwritten law that we apply on the case. The latest of which were the membership of Jho Fidel at PSI Chapter and Majken Sumicad at Delta Kappa Chapter. A very tedious and tiring experience for all of us in the Commission. However, the service that we have rendered was somehow looked at as irrelevant or even a disaster especially to the loosing party to our decision.

Looking at it now, it is very evident that no amount of diligence on our part can satisfy the contending parties. If the two contending parties instead have no option but to settle it among themselves, presenting their case to their chapter, the result would have been acceptable for all – the decision reached by the
chapter that all its children have to follow. To have order, standard guidelines should be observed. If the issue remains unresolved, the membership authenticity remains unresolved.

It could have been a lot easier for our Commission if the said system was already in placed when we started with the said task. Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Let’s give the chapter the necessary tools to handle its own domestic membership problems as it should have been.

CoMe Resolution is here:

Yours in LFS,

Bro. Boy Lopez
0222-73-5107 Life

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