Petitioning for a Sorority Collegiate Chapter



 1.0 Application / Notice

  • 1.1 Letter of Petition (Include Contact Person, address, telephone/cell# and email address)
  • 1.2 Endorsement and support by Petitioning Chapter for APP.
  • 1.3 List of Petitioners {ALL FEMALES – minimum of fifteen (15) with updated ID & proof of enrollment, validated school ID,  include scanned copy or photocopy}
  • 1.4 List of Advisors (include scanned copy of Institution ID)
    1.4.a. Faculty or Alumni Advisors
    1.4.b. Local Scouting Advisors
    1.4.c. Any civic or religious organization (optional)
  • 1.5 Endorsement by the Regional Directors.
    •       1.5.a. Endorsement by the Regional Director for Collegiate.
    •       1.5.b. Endorsement by the Regional Director for Alumni.
  • Endorsement by the Nearest Recognized Sorority Chapter


 2.0 History

  • 2.1 Chronological history from founding date up to the time of application. At least one (1) year existence in college/university
  • 2.2 List of at least fifteen (15) but not more than twenty five (25) Charter Members (all females with updated ID)
  • 2.3 List of Founders/Organizers*, and must be:
    • 2.3.a. Updated I.D. Cardholder of a recognized chapter (maximum of eight(8) regular members, include scanned copy of updated ID)
    • 2.3.b. Must have been an active member for at least 3 years.

 *Names of Organizers must appear/be listed in the History of the Chapter


3.0 Organization

  • 3.1 List of present Officers (with updated ID, include ID Number)
  • 3.2 Roster of membership by batches (RAPOR)


4.0 Finance

  • 4.1 Payment of charter fee to the National Council.
  • 4.2 Financial Statements (Certified correct and signed by the Keeper of the Jewel and the GLC)
  • 4.3 Scanned Copy or Photocopy of Bank Passbook or Bank Certification (should be either under the name of the petitioning group  or joint account under the name of the  GLC and the Keeper of the Jewel)


5.0 Article of Association


6.0 List of at least five (5) accomplished service projects

  • With supporting documents (photos of the project that includes the banner of the Petitioning Group & Certifications).
    Note: For Joint Projects, refer to end notes below.


7.0 Two-year Development Plan


  • To be Submitted with Table of Contents and Page Numbers
  • All documents shall be 8-1/2 x 11 inches, submitted in five (5) hardbound royal-blue cover copies. In the center of the cover, put complete name of the petitioning collegiate chapter.
  • A soft copy saved on a USB Flash Drive must also be submitted
  • Accompanied by a transmittal letter addressed to the Commission on Membership
  • Corrections should be made not later than ninety (90) days from the date of CoMe’s Notice of Deficiencies to the petitioning group, otherwise a new and updated set of petition documents should be submitted. 

For Joint Service Projects:

The Petitioning Group’s participation to a Service Project, to be counted as its project, the following conditions should be met:

  • That the Project is huge in nature and as such requires collaboration with another Group
  • That the project is clearly defined as a “Joint Project”
  • That the Petitioning Group’s involvement started at the conceptualization of the project
  • That supporting documents are available to establish the above


  • Members who are non-provisional or whose basic organizational unit (fraternity/ sorority) is duly recognized.
* Review Guidelines For Founders/Organizers

2 Comments on “Petitioning for a Sorority Collegiate Chapter

  1. EPSILON XI (Columban College Olongapo City)was chartered in Dec 14, 1980… On Feb 4, 1980 we had 9 Pioneer Sorority Members and went up to 16 in 1984…. There are 43 members to date…

    How will the SORORITY chapter be recognized?


    in lFS
    Gerry Cruz

  2. The EPSILON XI Sorority have been using “EPSILON XI” 0514 code on their IDs until it 2012 that it was indicated to as P0514… wondering what happened?

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