Brothers and Sisters, If you have a grievance that needs the attention of the APO Commission on Membership, Please download the form below, Print it, Sign it and send the hard copy along with pertinent documents to the National Administrative Office and Attention it to CoMe. Send it to:

Commission on Membership
c/o Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc.

301-A Two Seventy Midtower Condominium
270 Ermin Garcia, Brgy Silangan, Cubao, QC
TeleFax Number: +63 2 4397603

Those who do not follow procedure will be ignored.


7 Comments on “Complaints

  1. Fraternal Greetings,

    just for info brodss, yung Ama taguig Petitioning Chapter ay nagrerecruit nanaman ng mga outsider then papaenrolin sa AMA after na matapos ang pledgeship nkakaalarma po ang mga ganitong bagay. salamat po

    Sa ikatitibay ng Alpha Phi Omega

    Bro. Bodjie Garcia
    Past Grand Chancellor
    Nu Iota 43292

  2. Pls print the form and send your complaint to the Commission via the address indicated. Thank you.

  3. To the CoMe
    Alpha Phi Omega

    Dear Bro/Sis

    I want to file a complaint about the ritual rights that about to be conducted on July 20, 2013, by the Alumni Association here in Chicago and in Great Lake Michigan. My complaint is, the AA should not conduct the ritual right here in the USA, it should be conducted by its owned chapter in the Philippines. Because the AA is not a chapter and the membership is came from the chapter not in the Alumni Association. Even though they have a endorsement coming from the chapter still not valid if the AA will do the ceremony. Few members of the AA here in Chicago and Great Lake are try to pursue the ceremony . I just want to know if the ritual rights is valid or not. Ill try to print the form but its to small, do you have any link attached so that i can print the form. Thank You..

    Lyndon Mendoza

  4. Please file a complaint following proper procedure so CoMe can act on it. Thank you.

  5. Bro Edgar Llarena I send you a documents trough private message in your Facebook, I attached the file. I send you and email because is more faster compare to postal mail. Fax I cannot send fax international. thats why I send you through email. Thank you so much..

  6. For proper and faster processing, please follow procedure. The Commission needs hard copy. Thank you.

  7. hi brothers & sisters, what about a complaint regarding difficulties in downloading the “APP Forms and Certificates”, do i need to fill-up a complaint form?


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