Guidlines for New ID Applications

Acceptable Proof of Regular Membership for New ID Applications

Any one of the following may be considered as an acceptable proof of membership:

  • CHAPTER’S RELIABLE ALPHA PHI OMEGA ROSTER (RAPOR) – If the name of the person is contained on their Chapter’s Reliable Roster.
  •  WRITTEN CERTIFICATION FROM THE GC/GLC AND MI/LMI – A written certification from the applicant’s GC/GLC and MI/MLI stating that the applicant has successfully completed the requirements for membership as per our CBL.
  •  WRITTEN CERTIFICATION FROM THE ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT – A written certification from at least three (3) from the Collegiate Chapter stating that the applicant has successfully completed the requirements for membership as per our CBL.

For applicants whose ritual was conducted by an Organizational Unit other than his/her Collegiate Chapter, the following documents are required:

  • A written certification from at least three (3) from the Organizational Unit stating that the applicant has successfully completed the ritual rites that they conducted.
  • The written authorization that was previously issued by the applicant’s Collegiate Chapter allowing the Organizational Unit to conduct ritual rites.


1. All of the above endorsers must have direct and personal knowledge of  the completion of requirements and must have an updated ID.
2. Certification sent through email may be acceptable only if the email was posted at our APO official egroup
3. Although it is ideal that an APO ID is available for renewal, what matters is an ID number was already assigned to the person and may be verified  at our ID DATABASE.
4. It is the responsibility of the Commission on Membership (CoMe) to resolve issues in cases of disputes arising from the supplied proof of  membership.
5. The foregoing may be modified by CoMe as the need arises.

CoMe release 03.04.2006

3 Comments on “Guidlines for New ID Applications

  1. Greetings to all my fellow brothers, I’m Bernie Bernal and I’ve always been trying to get in touch with the National Council and unfortunately I never had the chance. I’ve been a member since 1988 at PSBA manila which is the Alpha Eta chapter with batch name TWIST BATCH 88-D as STARSKY II. Since I left the College I never really had the chance to get any information from my GC and MI and I even tried going back there but they are no longer available so I can no longer proceed for my ID application. The next stop was the time I enrolled at Unciano Paramedical College ( ZETA PSI ) in Sta. Mesa at I met fellow APO as well and recognized me although I believe they did a thorough check on me to prove that I am a member at it was proven to be legitimate but again I left and still no ID. Later in the year 1999 I have to leave the country to look for a better opportunity and again I met another APO member and later introduced to the Alumni Association which is in Qatar and also was recognized and this time one of the Brod’s went home for a vacation and had my application for ID but the bad thing about it is there’s only one person to sign my application and that particular person wasn’t available so I’ve been told so again no ID so the QUESTION is, Is there a chance for me to ever get my ID?

  2. Greetings!!!!!!
    Redentor Tacson is here, from Theta Epsilon Chapter Batch 99 – B (30934)… nawala ang ID ko last 2004 and i never get the chance na ma-recover.. Gusto ko ulit kumuha ng ID, ngayon ang tanong ko po, ano ung mga kailangang requirements para ma-renew ko ung ID ko since ito ay nawala?
    salamat po ng marami..

    May we always be….

  3. We have brothers and sisters who are OFWs, they are very much interested to Apply for ID, if possible, please send us through my e-mail address copy of the ID Application Form. Thank you so much and God bless.

    “Do a Good Turn Daily.”

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