ID Conflict Guidelines

ID number not on the database

If the ID number on the ID card is not on the database renewal using the number on the card may be done subject to a thorough verification and/or proper endorsement of the applicant.

Should an ID number different from the one on the card exists on the database, it will be the responsibility of the National Executive Director, after a thorough verification and evaluation, to rule as to which number should be used and retained. The unused number should be cancelled, and declared such number as vacant and for reissuance to new application.

The ID number on the database is issued to another member.

The name recorded on the database owns the number and should never be re-issued to another. The following higher and available number on the database will be issued.

Two or more members having the same ID number on the database

If two or more members have the same ID number on the database the first member that have registered will own the number.

A member having more than one ID number

Only one ID number should be retained. The lowest number that exists on the database is the one to be retained. Other numbers on the database should be cancelled, and declared such number/s as vacant and for reissuance to new applications. If, on the other hand, none exist on the database the lowest number will be retained and recorded on the database.

Change of name

For Sorority members acquiring a new family name as a result of marriage the maiden family name should be retained with a hyphen. Ex. maiden name is “Teresa A. Santos”. If she gets married to a Mr. Reyes her name should now be Teresa A. Santos-Reyes in our database. Change of name other than previously mentioned, for Fraternity & Sorority members, will require a court order and need not be retained.  Other cases of change of name should be by virtue of or in accordance with an authenticated copy of a Court Order.

Name typo-graphical error

If the name contains a typo-graphical error either on the card, on the database or both, the said problem should be corrected but will require a verification from a reliable source or presentation of reliable document such as birth certificate, passport, proof of billing, etc.

Incorrect Chapter Code

Upon verification the Chapter Code should be corrected both on the renewed ID and the database.

Proper sorting of ID numbers

For the proper sorting of the ID numbers, the coding for all single Greek-letter Chapters will be modified. Alpha Chapter with the code ‘0100’ will now be ‘0001’, Beta ‘0200’ will be ‘0002’ and so on until Omega Chapter.

Chapter to use by a Petitioning Chapter of a Closed School

For members belonging to a Petitioning Collegiate Chapter whose school has already closed, the Mother Chapter may be used if a written acknowledgement gets issued by at least three (3) bonafide members belonging to the Mother Chapter who have participated and/or have direct personal knowledge of the initiation rites conducted to the petitioning chapter.

Guidelines does not cover case

In the event this guideline does not cover a particular case, that said case should be referred to the Commission on Membership for ruling and a new or an additional guideline shall be released or issued.

It is important that the Commission on Membership be periodically updated on the issuance of new IDs and corrections made as well to ensure reliability of our records.

Prepared by CoMe – ID Conflict Management Committee


(Release 04.06.2005)

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