ID Processing Guidelines

(As of 10 October 2009)

1) To support the Regional Directors and Section Chairs as well as to serve as coordinators between the members applying for or updating their ID and the National Council that controls, records, and issues it, ID Officers will be designated.

2) The Regional Directors are enjoined to appoint Brothers & Sisters to serve as ID Officers as recommended by the Grand Chancellor of Collegiate Chapters (CC) and Presidents of Alumni Associations (AA). Each CC and AA may have as many ID Officers as may be necessary to effectively cover their unit.

3) For control purposes, the CC and AA and the appointed ID Officer are required to fill-up the ID Officer Form (downloadable from http// and have it endorsed by the respective Section Chair and the Regional Director.

4) Hard copies can be sent to the National Council either by mail or electronically scanned and emailed to the NED:

5) ID Application forms are downloadable here.

6) The application form should be filled-up properly with the applicant’s photo attached. It should be duly signed both by the applicant and the ID Officer.

7) These application forms may then be sent by batch to the National Council for processing.

Attention: ID Processing, Alpha Phi Omega
Philippines, Inc., 301-A Two Seventy Midtower Condominium,
270 E.Garcia St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

8) The processed ID will then be sent to the ID Officer concerned for distribution to the applicants.

9) For updated ID Processing Fees please call the NAO.

For Philippine based, payment may be deposited to Metro Bank Cubao
Branch Account Number 7-020-50464-8.

For Offshore based, payment may deposited to Prudential Bank Retiro
Branch Account No. 05043-001023-8

10) To cover freight charges in sending the application forms to the National Council for processing and the IDs back to the ID Officer for distribution to the applicants, the ID Officer may adjust the ID processing fee. It may also be incorporated into the Annual Dues of the CC or AA to which the members belong.

11) All members with updated IDs will be in good standing for the Whole Development Year.

12) Names of all the ID Officers as well as members in good standing will be posted at

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  1. just surfed the website of Committee on Membership trying to find a downloadable application form for life ID for my husband, who is at present out of the country, but I can not find any. Where can I find the same?

  2. Dear Brods/Sis
    Good day, I lost my ID for quiet a long time already and I wanted to renew it. I survived APO way back 1983 at Zeta Sigma Chapter in MSU-Tawi-Tawi. Since I have no contact already with this chapter cause I am already an alumni, I just would like to ask if I could still avail to renew my lost APO ID. Please give me an advise on what to do. Thank you.

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