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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

The strength of an organization lies in the cohesive interactions of its members. Whether in the form of service, business or any activity, the objective can easily be achieved if pursued hand-in-hand by the members. Walang mahirap kung ito ay pagtutulungan ika nga. Others refer to it as networking while others call it Group-Effort. Call it whatever you want to call it but it all boils down to members helping each other to achieve a goal be it for a financial gain, service, self-fulfillment or what have you. These however, can only be possible if trust exists among each member and this is where member’s authentication comes in.

We have already provided our RAPOR & ID Database online, however, it still remain unreachable to a great number of our members. With the cell phone, now being used practically by everybody, easy and instant id verification is now possible.

Initially during the administration of NPP Jimmy de Castro, talks were made with Content Providers that offers the service via their vanity numbers like 2366 etc. but we decided not to push through with it due to a number of security concerns.  Now, with the capability of my company, together with my little knowledge of software, we were able to come up with a system to provide the service using an eleven (11) digit regular sim card.

To prevent access of non-members, one can only gain access if sponsored by someone who already has access. If for some reason a non-APO member accidentally gets sponsored, sooner or later, the PHP passed to him will run-out. Account may be deleted by the Administrator. Furthermore, the welcome txt sent to those who get sponsored uses Cross of Lafayette Community, a insignificant phrase to a barbarian but a very distinct sign for us members.

Since this service will entail cost, system local txt is set to PHP 2.00 while overseas txt is PHP 22.00. For flexibility, any member may GIVE a specified amount to another member limited only by his balance (ala Pasa load). Loading points may be established and the more points we have the easier it will be for our members with the National Office possibly as one of the major arteries of the system.

Yours in LFS,

Bro. Boy Lopez
0222-73-5107 Life

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  1. Brother good Day.. gusto jko lang po makakuha ng schedule ng submission ng Petition for Chapter recognition pls send me the exact date and month for every NEB.. thanks

    Ed Jonard Guelos

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