Associate Membership Applicant Trestleboard

APO Associate Membership Application in Process

The following are APO Associate Membership application & their status. Application are categorized as

  • APO Foreign Member
  • Supporter or Friend,
  • Spouse of a Member,  or
  • Children of APO Spouses.

All application starts with the endorsement of an organizational unit. Should you have any questions, email us.

  1. PRESCILA PARADELA-MATABILAS – former spouse of APO member / sponsored and endorsed by San Francisco Silicon Valley Alumni Association

5 Comments on “Associate Membership Applicant Trestleboard

  1. Im Danilo Vladymir F. Wee a the Nephew of Bro. Edwin Abing “Hinog sa Piling” batch 73 Gamm Zeta Chapter Univwesidad de Zamboanga and brother of founder of SRB sigma rho beta Scout Royal Brother… he ask for one thing a request or a petition before he will die if i as a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer and un retualized member of the said chapter if can be an associate member.. im willing to be pledge again and im willing to bring to serve Alpha Phi Omega anywhere and anytime.. thank you very much,,, May We Always Be and Strong the Circle We,,,

  2. Good day sir question I am aimsian alumni student from asian institute maritime studies batch 2007 (known as NU epsilon chapter from pasay)I just read your site
    but im not a member of APO is there any chance to get into im willing to serve to this organization specially my origin as a alumni student.
    Many thanks!

  3. good day sir my cousin and uncle is an APO member, I’d like to ask if their is any chance in joining your group, I want to be involve in social activities etc…

  4. by the way here’s my contact no… 09494792338, 09754228410. I also want to ask that if ever I’ll join as a member of this group, is it ok that i will not go for any retual activities, purely community and social activities etc… thanks and God bless

  5. Hello, i would to ask a questioned if it is ok if some of the half brods of APO can apply for associate ID, they are full pledge member of SRB, Epsilon Community Chapter. Its from ALPHA Chap. of APO pls. kindly answer thanks .

    Bro. Billy of Alpha.95c

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