Past Honorary Membership Guidelines

National Executive Board (NEB) Res # 1999-2001-68A : Adoption of the general guidelines for granting National Honorary Membership, as follows:

(1) Honorary Membership Application Form with:

  • Biodata
  • Position Paper
  • Documentation of the exemplary practice of the three cardinal principles

(2) Three (3) pieces of latest 1×1 ID picture either Black &White or Colored

(3) Must have been an alumni of any college/university for at least five (5) years

(4) Endorsements

a) from any basic organizational unit

b) Applicant must be from any recognized local collegiate chapter (not considered retired or revoked)

a.1)Must be signed by the Grand Chancellor (GC)/Grand Lady Chancellor (GLC) ID cardholder or any two (2) alumni ID cardholder from the applicant’s chapter at the time the application is submitted for processing

c) Applicable to alumni who are working or residing within the chapter’s locality or working or residing outside the chapter’s locality/regional jurisdiction at the time the application is submitted for processing

b.1)Must be duly signed by the GC/GLC ID cardholder of any recognized local collegiate chapter of their choice within the region or any two (2) alumni ID cardholder of that chapter or incumbent President of any recognized alumni association within the region

d) Regional Development Director (RDD) of the region where the alumni presently resides or works.

(5) Fees:

  • Refer to the amount of which the NEB determined to be paid by the applicant.
  • Attach the xerox or duplicate copy of deposit slip of any accredited bank of the organization or money order to the honorary membership application form.
  • Payment may also be made directly to the National Office or National Treasurer or any of his/her authorized representative/s.

(6) Submit the application form with all the requirements to the Regional Development Director.

Must be submitted ninety (90) days before any scheduled regular NEB meeting to the National Office.

(7) Claim the Honorary Membership ID card to your RDD or to the National Office/National Administrative Officer within thirty (30) days upon notice of approval by the NEB during any of its regular meetings.

(8) Updating Honorary Membership ID card:

  • Accomplish renewal form
  • Attach two (2) pieces of latest 1×1 ID picture B&W or colored
  • Payment of ID cost to the National Office or direct payment or deposit amount to any accredited bank, and attach xerox copy of the deposit slip to the renewal form
  • Always request for receipts

(9) ID card lost shall be required to do the same procedures as # 8

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