Life Membership

Processing of Life Membership Application

1) The Organizational unit (Alumni Association or Collegiate Chapter) provides the application form (or you may download life membership application form) to the candidate. After being evaluated by the basic unit, together with the supporting documents, an endorsement is required before proceeding to the required offices.

2) Application will then pass through the following offices for processing &/or endorsement:

  • Regional Directorate
  • National Executive Director
  • ¬†CoMe (to publish request for awarding of Life Membership)
  • National President
  • Board of Directors (BOD)

3) The BOD, when favorably endorsing the application, shall calendar the conferment in the agenda of the National Biennial Convention.

4) Once approved by the General Assembly, the Convention Chairman signs the application form attesting to the grant of Life Membership.

10 Comments on “Life Membership

  1. Hello Bro/Sis, just wondering about the status on my LM application. Please keep me abreast. Thanks for all you do for this great Fraternity/Sorority of ours.

  2. Dear Sis Cris Serviano – Palon

    May I know if you received the documents for my petition for life-membership? As stated in your email as follows:

    This is to inform you that the Commission has taken cognizance of your application for Life Membership.

    Based on the application we have received, the following observation/s was noted:

    · The criteria to qualify for Life Membership were not clearly specified.

    As such, the Commission cannot at this point proceed with the processing of your life membership application.

    All above requirements that are necessary to support my petition were submitted 3 times already & the latest was submitted to Brod Mel Adriano (complete with endorsement & signature) in Davao during the Recognition of men & women in uniform. Brod Mel Adriano mentioned to me sometime 2011 that he have the documents but I don’t know if he handed it over to COME. Anyway, if I will be asked again to complete another set of documents for this petition again, I will no longer do it besides I won’t stay long anymore with my stage 4 lung cancer.
    * 1st, I submitted it to Sis Darlene Mascaranas with Brod Bim Minique as witness after the recognition of APO Qatar (97) wherein I am a chartered member with Brod Jun Pangapalan.
    * 2nd, submitted during the Subic Bay convention where I defended the recognition of APO TIKAAS (130) & APO Dallas ForthWorth Alumni Association (131) with Brod Dan Maines. My question is, What other things I need to prove to satisfy the COME? Maybe you have not seen my petition papers.

    In APhiO,

    Ricardo B. Castro
    Zeta Zeta Chapter 1976B
    Sigma Affiliate
    APO Timog Kutabato Alumni Association (130) – Organizer
    APO Qatar Alumni Association (97) – Chartered Member
    APO Dallas Forth Worth Alumni Association (131) – Chartered member

  3. As a founder of Iota Rho which unfortunately is in an inactive status, can I apply for life membership?

  4. I’m interested to have the brothers and sisters who are eligible and qualified … to become.. LIFE MEMBERS…. ESPECIALLY the ones coming from our chapter……

  5. I would like to ask such “Publication of Qualified Life Members” for 2015 NBC in Dumaguete.

    Thank you,

  6. To BOD,
    I just want to find out if I m in the list of candidates of life membership for 2015 & was submitted on May 8 2014. Ty., & looking forward to hear from you.
    Alexander Pastores Alpha-Alpha 77A/ApoGla

  7. Please correct your dates on conferred life membership at the NBGA in Gensan. The year says 2019. 2017 pa lang po tayo. Clearly a typo, pero dapat itama. Thanks


    I would just like to ask if my LM application was received by your office sometimes in 2014-2015, as we had it hand carried for lack of time to brod Bart Pagaduan a life member as he was to attend BOD meeting in palawan at that time!

    In Apio,

    Reynold M. Duga
    Beta Theta Chapter
    (theta 73 initiated)
    Epsilon Rho chapter (Notre Dame of Midsayap College)0517 – ORGANIZER
    APO-GMAA 058 (Greater Midsayap Alumni Association – ORGANIZERS

  9. correction brothers, it was sometimes in 2012-2013 when we let brod bart hand-carried it for his BOD meeting during that time in palawan.

    In Apio,
    reynold duga

  10. Just asking how come LM applied? What resolution that approved by the GA give the permission of LM candidate to apply for LM or should I say supercede the LM guidlines?

    What happened since 2003 the guidlines of LM clearly misunderstood by the leadership of APO IPI/ PI as there is no such word in the guidlines or provision that the candidate for LM SHOULD APPLY ON IT….

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