Membership in this organization shall be open to all qualified men and women who, regardless of race, color, creed or political beliefs, subscribe to and uphold the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service as well as the tenets of the scouting movement.

Alpha Phi Omega Philippines Maintains a seven(7)-layer Membership Structure

Pledge Members

a) Pledgeship is the process whereby an applicant for membership undergoes a period of orientation, training and education in the ideals, principles, purposes and policies of the organization, and confirmation conducted in accordance with the official rituals. The extent and duration of the pledgeship period shall be determined by the chapter; Provided, however, that such policy shall not be in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation, the Code of By-laws and other duly adopted policies, rules and regulations of transnational and local application as well as all laws, rules and regulations promulgated by duly constituted authorities pertinent thereto.

b) Pledge membership is conferred upon enrolled students of an institution of higher learning where a chartered or petitioning collegiate chapter exists,

c) All pledge applications must be submitted to the regional Director having jurisdiction over the chapter and the elevation of such members to either collegiate or provisional membership shall be approved by the Regional Director upon the recommendation of the chapter where membership is applied to.

Collegiate Members

A collegiate member is one who has satisfactorily fulfilled the membership requirements and is currently enrolled in any college where a collegiate chapter exists and registered as such with the Board of Directors; Provided, however, that a collegiate member who leaves the college without graduating therefrom may maintain his status as such only upon re-enrollment in any college where a local collegiate chapter exists. A collegiate member who transfers to another college shall be deemed a member of the local collegiate chapter existing and operating in the said educational institution as affiliate collegiate member, unless the said member expresses in writing his intention to remain a member of the chapter through which he was admitted into the organization. Members who are enrolled in post-graduate courses shall be collegiate members, unless they express in writing their intention to be considered as alumni members.

*To be eligible, the applicant must:*

1. Be of good moral character and must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude;

2. Be enrolled in an educational institution where a duly chartered chapter exists. For purposes of this Code of By-Laws, the terms “educational institution” or “college” shall refer to institutions of higher learning, including universities and trade schools where the preliminary requirement for admission is graduation from high school or secondary education;

3. Be, or has been, involved in the Scouting movement, or otherwise affirm in his application for membership the commitment to the scouting ideals; and,

4. Have satisfactorily undergone pledgeship, as defined hereunder. No applicant shall be eligible for membership unless he has first been previously registered in the records of the Commission on Membership as a pledge and has duly paid the dues and assessments incident thereto.

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Alumni Members

Alumni members are former collegiate members who have since completed their basic college courses, or, if not, whose original class has already graduated. Members pursuing post-graduate education may opt for a collegiate member status, in which case, they shall remain in the immediately preceding category during the period of their enrollment. Alumni of collegiate chapters shall be automatically members of the chapter’s alumni association. Alumni members shall also be eligible for membership in registered community, sectoral, professional, and institutional or any other alumni associations: Provided, however, that they meet the qualifications prescribed by the organizational unit concerned. Some of these members may choose to be organized by either their profession or their geographical locations.

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Life Members

Life membership is conferred upon any member who, in the collective opinion of the General Assembly, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the criteria as the latter may hereafter set forth, had exemplified the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service.

Honorary Members

An honorary member is a natural person, not heretofore a member but who had exemplified the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service, and has been conferred that status by the General Assembly, upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors, after investigation and endorsement by the Regional Directorate on the advice of either a collegiate chapter or alumni association.

Associate Members

The following persons, not otherwise falling under any of the other classifications of membership, who subscribe to the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service, upon endorsement by a basic organizational unit after undergoing orientation, may be conferred Associate Membership by the Board of Directors under such guidelines as may be established by the General Assembly:

1. A person who is a member of any national organization of Alpha Phi Omega in foreign countries;

2. A person who has actively and consistently cooperated and participated in the activities of the Alpha Phi Omega;

3. The spouse of a member in good standing who had participated and cooperated in the activities and projects of any organizational unit;

4. The children of parents, both of whom are members in good standing.

An associate member may convert his membership to collegiate under the guidelines as may be prescribed by the General Assembly, as formulated by the Commission on Membership and approved by the Board of Directors.

Any person who has failed to complete his pledgeship without justifiable cause or has been expelled shall not be eligible for associate membership.

Provisionary Members

Provisional membership shall be conferred upon enrolled students of any college in which a Petitioning Group is being organized. The classification of such membership shall cease upon approval of the charter or, in the event that such charter is not granted, the organizing chapter shall extend regular membership to the provisional member: Provided, however, that the said provisional member prior to conferment shall not have committed any act in violation of the Code of by-laws and the rules of the organization; and, Provided, finally, that in the event that there are two or more organizing chapters willing to extend regular membership, the provisional member shall have the option as to which chapter he shall become a member.