Message from the National President

The first step is FRATERNITY PRESTIGE.

The first step is FRATERNITY PRESTIGE.

Past National Presidents, members of the Board of Trustees, Regional Directors from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Presidents of various Alumni Associations, the National Administrative Office, distinguished guests, and fellow members of our beloved fraternity:

This is a monumental occasion for us all. My presence here today is a testament that every one of you is my anchor. I stand here honored by this new role and genuinely grateful for the faith and trust you have given.

Your unselfish presence and guidance during this transition and handover are truly commendable. The torch has officially been passed to a new generation of leaders. You have selected me to serve of national significance and to perform enhancement that will benefit the advancement of everyone. In all aspects, a leader needs to have powerful support and cooperation to succeed at anything of this gravity. And I take this very seriously.

During the next two years of my presidency, my dear brothers and sisters, we will bring everyone together into a growth that focuses on inclusivity backed by responsibility.

This is our chance to fully embody the three pronounced principles inculcated within us:


During the campaign, we focused heavily on the five-point agenda called FIRST.

This will serve as the foundation of our developmental year. The first step is FRATERNITY PRESTIGE. We will be creating impactful relationships with various agencies to strengthen existing bonds and forge new allegiance. This is a time that we will foster integrity by being fully transparent in every action committed, every goal that is required to be addressed, and being crystal clear about the financial situation. Change is always inevitable.

But this innovation will reinforce the establishment of recruitment processes and strategic plans in both national and regional areas. We will be creating income-generating projects for our national office for sustainability. We urge everyone not to take this other way, as this is a chance for us to thrive and will only be beneficial.

The CBL hold dogmas that need to be revisited and evaluated to align with the current situation of our treasured organization. It is my aspiration to empower everyone’s full potential. And by doing so, we can create future leaders. To fully adapt, we will utilize the full power of technology to unlock unity, thus making every voice be heard.

Lastly, though of unfortunate circumstances, we are geographically located in a country that is visited by calamities more often than the rest of the world. In times of unprecedented disasters, our brothers and sisters will be the cornerstone of aid.

Being on the ground for the past two years gave me an impeccable opportunity to witness the plights of the public. Mahirap pong kumapit sa pag-asa kapag nasa peligrong sitwasyon na. These might sound like drastic changes, but I now seek you to implore your confidence in me. Let not my age and batch year create cynicism.

My love for our fraternity is just like yours: UNTARNISHED,
COMPASSIONATE and SINCERE. With my selfless affinity, I wish nothing in return but full teamwork.

I am here to create groundwork as we reach our 100 years of excellence. As we turn over a new leaf, I extend my firm left handshake clasp to all the members of the Alpha Phi Omega. We are here to invigorate loyalty, to be truly mindful, and
continuously serve humanity. We will not allow anything to stop us from achieving our purpose.

And this administration is more than willing to work with everyone to bring forth our vision into reality. With this, allow me to share these historic words that I draw inspiration from: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

In this case, from the aforementioned agenda, I humbly ask how else can we better promote unified camaraderie, and execute the exceptional standard within our circle? Help me identify these in addition to what I have already discovered during my previous term of office.

Today, we can fully declare that we are all part of the solution. As your National President, we will make the virtues of the Alpha Phi Omega stretched in order for us to reach every corner of this country. Nais ko din pong makilala sa abot ng aking makakaya ang ating mga kapatid sa Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao. We have over 170 dialects, a melting pot of cultures, and twenty-five Administrative Regions in and out of the country.

Clearly, we all have something to bring to the table. That is the beauty of diversity. It is our individual differences that allow us to create synergy, broaden our perspectives, and ignite interesting insights. My compliance with a fair, just, and unbiased system cannot be shaken.

Hence, I am here to inform everyone that I expect all elected and appointed officials to be of service at all times, irrespective of the situation. Let us be reminded that our election to office and appointive positions are mere titles. Ultimately, we are nothing without the mandate of the majority.

We are their servant leaders and must act accordingly. As someone who comes from a long record of service, I know what our capabilities are and what could possibly hinder us. Kaya mag-serbisyo po tayo ng walang kinikilingan at buong puso para sa kapatiran. From this day forward, the members of my administration, starting with myself, shall continue to provide the kind of service that everyone deserves. While we shall give focus on the national level, this administration will not dismiss our brothers and sisters located internationally. We cannot deny the fact that while most of them have been away from their families, their aid towards a globally competitive organization is magnanimous.

Thank you for showcasing our strengths throughout the world. And thank you for always giving back to our fellow brothers and sisters here in the Philippines. I have been informed that the expectation from this administration is more than usual. Please do not expect the impossible. This young president of yours can only commit to the following words and allow me to reiterate these to the public: “Hindi ko man po maipapangako ang langit at lupa, pero gagawin ko po ang lahat sa abot ng aking makakaya.” As I am about to get down to the closure of this speech, allow me to remind you gently that like everyone else in this ballroom, I was just a simple member of this
organization who has aspired to bring value not only to my chapter, my region but of national level.

I worked hard to cling to my firm values. In times of doubt, I am clearly reminded to always be an instrument in building a new tomorrow from this old wrecked land of woe. But when the situation becomes tumultuous, I cling to no one but my family, my home. Tonight, at the dawn of a new office, support not only me, and this administration but my family as well, for they are my rock and my fortress. Whether it is from a challenging agenda or a meeting from across the region, they always rally behind me. My wife Amie from the Tau chapter is not only a refuge together with our child Ina, but they are my home and my greatest advocates. Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat.

Mabuhay ang nagiisang Alpha Phi Omega!!!

Bro. Kevin Faustin L. Dy
National President DY 2023-2025

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Distinguished Alumni


Pinagmamalaki ko po, ako po ay APO. Isang bagay na hindi ko makakalimutan, isang pagkakataon na hindi ako nagkamali sa aking naging desisyun.
Jejomar Binay (Eta'60)
Vice President of the Philippines
The most important ingredient of leadership is character. Most of the proficiencies can be learned. It is what is inside you that is difficult to change.
Jesse Robredo (Alpha Nu'92)
DILG Secretary

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