ID Application Requirements


  • ID Registration form (available at the APO National Office or you can download it here
  • *Form #7: Application for Active Collegiate Membership from the APP Manual (with endorsement)
  • *Form #4:Application for Pledgeship from the APP Manual
  • *Form #5: Mandatory Pledge Registration
  • *Leadership Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Friendship Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Service Development Phase Completion Certificate
  • *Certificate of Completion of APP
  • Rover Scout Training Certificate
  • Gawad Kalinga Service Certificate or **Disaster Response Training Certificate
  • 2 x 2 ID picture
  • Processing Fee***




*You may download the APP forms here.
**Disaster Response Training Certificate – basic life support will do; from any institution: PNRC, BFP, or university
***Processing Fee may vary. Please call NAO.

9 Comments on “ID Application Requirements

  1. brod, i am applying for a life id for brod Leo M. Portillo, epsilon gamma.
    kulang na lang ako ng APPLICATION FORM accdg to our SMAR director Roger Pialago from Davao. where can i get one? or please send me one thru e-mail. can you do a favor for me pls?
    thank you very much

  2. brothers and sisters i wanna apply apo id through online since lagi akong wala sa pinas delta theta chapter here 2000b,thanks po MWAB

  3. Hello Brothers and sisters. Can’t download the form. Can someone please send it to my email at ? I’m Benedict G. Santos from Theta Delta Chapter batch 2004-D. May ID run kasi bukas dito sa pampanga we need a copy of the form. Salamat. Thank you Brothers and Sisters. May We Always Be.

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