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  1. i was initiated and accepted as a full pledge member of the APO, Alpha Mu in 1969. My ID number is 3979. i lost my ID a long time ago and i would like to have a new one. please advise. I am now residing in Antipolo City. Thanks.

  2. Tol,

    I’m from Eta Lambda Chapter and been a member since 2004. I just have a couple of questions regarding membership update. Can you send me an email so that I can reply to you my questions.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  3. Bro.
    Good Day!!! Ask ko lang kung paano ako maka pag re-renew ng I.D…since no’ng 1986 hinde ko pa na renew ang I.D ko…my I.D# is 12850…My Chapter is, Eta Epsilon…Bro. Can you give me some idea how to renew? At present I’m here onboard the Ship in Foreign land…Thanks a lot…
    Bro.Alex ( ANIMASOLA )

  4. I was initiated(final)but un ritualized member of APO Epsilon Theta Chapter based in Saint Louis College La union.I was nit able to get hold of my ID cause u transfered school the next couple of months after our final initiation way back 1984 to 85 i think.can i request for a new ID? Tnx..bro..

  5. i was initiated and ritualized member of APO UP Los Banos Theta Chapter in 1959. I did service to World Boy Scout Jamboree held in Mt Makiling National Park. I worked for a year as “guardia monte” under the supervision of Professor Pascua. In 1961, I joined the United States Navy. Due to my long absence from the mother country I lost all my contacts including the names of my batch mate. I don’t even remember if we were issued any form ID card. If I remember correctly the name of our adviser was a professor named TIONGSON, a professor in Economics. Any help that will help me facilitate my expeditious return to the fold of the fraternity that I hold so dear is greatly appreciated.
    Fraternally yours,
    Bro. Cipriano S. Crisostomo Batch 1959

  6. I was initiated and ritualized member of APO GAMMA CHI CHAPTER in MSU-Iligan Institute Of Technology, Iligan City since 1984.Can i still apply for an ID ? What should i do and would be the requirements for late application of APO ID.
    Our Grand Chancellor before was Bro.Manny Cabido and MI Bro.Daniel Cabido.
    Any help than can help me return to fold of the fraternity that i hold so dearly is greatly appreciated.
    Fraternally Yours,
    Bro.Merlindo G.Jerosalem Batch 1984-A GAMMA CHI CHAPTER

  7. Hello Brods,
    My father-in-law, the late Andres Viri Salamat, was a founding member together with Librado Ureta of Alpha Chapter. I am trying to recall his correct ID # (21 or 25) and also requesting for his roster records and activities during that time. Thanks for your kind attention.
    Brod Salvador Cornista
    Non-Registered Member 1968 & GC 1973-1974
    Alpha Omicron Chapter

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