National Honorary Membership Guidelines


“ An Honorary Member is a natural person not heretofore a member but who had exemplified the cardinal principles of leadership, friendship and service,  and has been conferred that status by the General Assembly,  upon the recommendation  of the Board of Directors, after investigation and endorsement by the Regional Directorate on the advice of either a collegiate chapter or alumni association. No honorary membership shall be conferred unless the matter thereof has been specifically included in the agenda of the General Assembly, the qualifications of the conferee shall have been duly deliberated upon, and that he has received basic orientation in accordance with the rules of the organization.”


  1. It is conferred (confer-award to, bestow on, present with), therefore it is not applied for;
  2. Process starts from the sponsorship of any basic organizational unit; Provided, however, that for a Chapter Identification and Identification Card membership registration issuance purposes, a collegiate chapter should be a co-sponsor in case of an alumni association endorsement, to determine what collegiate chapter the conferee belongs;
  3. The General Assembly is the ONLY authority who can bestow the honor;  and,
  4. It must be calendared to be a part of the agenda of the General assembly during a regular Biennial Convention.


  1. Any person who has exemplified the cardinal principles for at least a minimum of ten (10) years; whether in the government or private service;
  2. Must have had an exemplary and inspiring way of practicing the cardinal principles worthy of emulation by the general membership;
  3. Must be of good moral character and must not have been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude;
  4. Must have at least twenty-five (25) units in tertiary level in any accredited educational institution, and,
  5. Must be at least thirty (30) years of age at the time of the endorsement.

1. The basic organizational unit which endorses or request for the grant must be in good standing status;

2. The basic organizational unit which endorses or request for the grant must submit the following documentary requirements to the Regional Directorate for at least one (1) year prior to a regular Biennial Convention:

  •  Curriculum vitae of the conferee;
  •  Certificate of completion of the basic orientation course. The orientation certificate must be duly signed by the Conducting Officer, attested by the Collegiate Chapter Grand Chancellor/Lady Grand Chancellor or Alumni Association President where the orientation was conducted;
  •  Documentation of the exemplary practice of the three cardinal principles;
  •  Certificate True Copy (CTC) of Barangay Clearance, NBI Clearance and Police Clearance not older than three (3) months on the date of filing of  the endorsement;
  • CTC of Birth certificate; and,
  •  CTC of proof enrollment; transcript of records and or class cards for a tertiary level education;

3.  The Regional Directorate within ninety (90) days shall investigate and authenticate the data submitted by the endorsers and make recommendations to the Board of Directors;

4.  The Board of Directors within ninety (90) days shall cause the Commission on Membership to publish the request for award;

5.   The Commission on Membership shall publish the request for award in the official publications, communications and on its website and website of the organization for a minimum period of ninety (90) days;

6.   Upon approval of the Board of Directors, the application shall be tabled on the next regular Biennial Convention for deliberation by the General Assembly; and,

7.   The General Assembly shall have the sole power of granting or denying the endorsements.


1. The application for the honorary membership shall require a specific application form. Refer to HON_APPLY.doc;

2. The application process starts with the filing of the duly filled-up application form, together with the required documents attached, to be processed by the following offices:

  • The Collegiate Chapter Grand Chancellor/Lady Grand Chancellor or Alumni Association President where the applicant is applying;
  • Section Chair-Collegiate/ Section Chair-Alumni;
  • Regional Director-Collegiate /Regional Director-Alumni;
  • Commission on Membership; and
  • Board of Directors.

3. Each office shall evaluate, check the correctness and authenticity of the information supplied on the application form. Should a question be raised on the application, the applicant is required for explanation. Each office, based on its sole judgment, may reject the application or recommend it for approval to the next office.

4. Upon approval by the General Assembly, the application should be forwarded to the National Executive Director. The National Executive Director shall then inform the concerned Section Chair and/or the concerned Regional Director to conduct ritual rites intended for Honorary Members. The Membership Identification Card shall be issued during the rites.


As it is an award, there shall be no processing fee. The Offices concerned shall shoulder each stage of the process.

Approved by the General Assembly during the 24th National Biennial Convention held at Tagaytay City on May 5, 2007.

5 Comments on “National Honorary Membership Guidelines

  1. Bro…under the subtitle “NOTE”, it is expressly provided that HONORARY MEMBERSHIPS is not APPLIED as it seems the same is conferred or awarded.. however, it would appear that the subtitle “SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION” is not in harmony with it.. please explain….. further, may i be guided on the proper procedure that has to be taken if someone who desires to be an Honorary Member of APO is a lawyer and an elected officer of the Local Government….i would greatly appreciate if i shall be furnished the info and guidelines relevant thereof. thanks a lot tol

  2. Tol, it is the Organizational Unit endorsing the said candidate who will be using the said application form. For your guidance.

  3. thanx tol, but based on your guidelines, i understand there is a specific form, hon_apply.doc. i presume prepared by the COME. The Regional Director of the Bureau of Fire and Protection of region IX has signified interest to be conferred with the Honorary Membership..

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