Life Membership Guidelines


1. Conferee must have exemplified the cardinal principles for at least a minimum continuous period of two (2) years; in any basic  organizational unit;

2. Must have had an exemplary and inspiring way of practicing the cardinal principles worthy of emulation by the general membership (see list of activities for consideration of a life membership);

3. Conferee must have been a holder of a National ID Number and in good standing for at least two consecutive years prior to the  sponsorship;

(The following are suggested activities that would merit points in the awarding of life membership).

1. Founding of a basic organizational unit; the same must be awarded a charter and must sustain to be in good standing for a minimum period of (2) years to be a considered;

2. Re-activation of an in-active basic organizational unit; the same must sustain the qualification of a chapter in good standing for a minimum period of two (2) years;

3. Organization of a Rover Scouting Circle or Community Scouting Troop; these must be registered and certified by the local scouting council and must have a continuous existence for a minimum period of two (2) years;

4. Participation in organizational and scouting related activities for a minimum continuous period of two (2) years;

5. Exemplary performance of the three cardinal principles in the socio-cultural, economic and government scenes.


1. The basic unit who endorses or requests for the grant must be in good standing and must submit the following to the Regional Directorate for at least one (1) year prior to a regular Biennial Convention:

  • ID of the conferee for the previous two (2) years;
  • Documentation of any of the activities for consideration mentioned above;
  • Documentation of the exemplary practice of the three cardinal principles;

2. The Regional Directorate shall within ninety (90) days investigate and authenticate the data submitted by the endorsers and make its recommendations to the Board of Directors;

3. The Board of Directors within ninety (90) days shall cause the Commission on Membership to publish the requests for award in the official publications, communications and the website of the organization for a minimum period of ninety  (90) days;

4. Ninety (90) days prior to a regular Biennial Convention, the Board of Directors when favorably endorsing the conferee, shall calendar the conferment in the agenda;

5. The General Assembly will have the sole power of granting or denying the endorsements.


As it is an award; there will be no processing fee. The Offices concerned shall shoulder each stage of the process.


5 Comments on “Life Membership Guidelines

  1. tHERE are five listed activities mentioned as worthy of consideration. does it means that each one of them shall be possesses or complied by a brother who wanted to be conferred with LIFE membership???? If not all are required, how many needs to be???? how come and why was it that a chartered member is not eligible for Life membership?? may i request for an explanation regarding the subject matters ASAP. thanks a lot……….. tataBETO 0021 1965 2081 Life ……… LFS…..stcw

  2. I was endorsed for Life ID by one AA but haven’t been approved. I was greatly involved in organizing one Collegiate Chapter which was duly recognized by the NC. At present doing Sevice Project to the community (Feeding of the Homeless) for almost 17 years now with APO Members as volunteers and Filipinos in the community,the President of a Non Profit Organization where I live in and also a Eucharistic Minester in our Church since 20 years ago. Wih all of the above, and much more, I feel that I always adhere to our 3 Guiding Principles of L F S and I will always be with or without a Life ID. Thanks.
    MWAB Fortune (004-1964-0001585)

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