Reliable Alpha Phi Omega Roster

Brainchild of Bro. Constantino Lopez (Beta Chi ’73) of the APO Commission on Membership, the Reliable Alpha Phi Omega Roster (RAPOR) is a project with the objective of coming-up with a way of creating and updating the Member Roster of all chapters of APO Philippines. With this project, the creation and updating of the Member Roster will now be the responsibility of each Collegiate Chapter.

A computer program, named RAPOR Sampler, in Excel format is now available to facilitate ease in encoding and the updating of information.

If your present Roster is on a different format (created not using our program), send us a copy & we will look at it and see what we can do. We however require that the names and contact information of the brothers/sisters who made the Roster be supplied.

Since it is now the Chapter who has the last say as to who are its official members, it is the responsibility of each and everyone to ensure that his or her name is included on their Chapter Roster.

All APO Organizational Units are requested to please make available your member list to the Collegiate Chapters for their reference. You can help a lot by informing your Chapter mates about this project.

Submit your Chapter’s RAPOR now!
Email to Bro. Chito Refuerzo at

23 comments on “Reliable Alpha Phi Omega Roster
  1. Erica says:

    hello brod Chito, through years of research, we have finally completed our ALPHA RHO RAPOR and we are now ready to email this to you. However, most of the informaton regarding contact numbers and present location were not supplied and attempts to provide its details remained futile. Can we, nevertheless, send the list to you? Will be glad to hear from you soon..

    Sis Erica

  2. come says:

    Yes you may still submit your Chapter RAPOR to Brod Chito Refuerzo. His Email address is provided above.

  3. Weibin Duhaylungsod says:

    Hello Bro,

    I am the current Grand Chancellor in APO Kappa Psi Chapter. I would like to submit our CHAPTER RAPOR here. How could I? Is there any requirements to be followed?
    Thanks bro. Please email me in any updates of this request.

    May We Always Be!

    Bro Weibin D.

  4. galelie alam says:

    i have submitted to sis evevlyn canetes email address of our Zeta Pi RAPOR in said format.. and i am currently the Chapter gatekeeper.. i am puzzled to whom is the RAPOR to be submitted .., to the admin gatekeeper or to bro chito refuerzo..,

    brod galelie a.
    Zeta Pi Gatekeeper

  5. come says:

    You can submit it thru the NAO via sis Evelyn or directly to the CoMe via Commissioner Jose Illenberger ( or via Bro. Chito Refuerzo at (

  6. lester p. bernardino says:

    good day!

    paano po ba ang pag-apply as gatekeeper for a chapter?

  7. Laura says:

    hello po…i’m from Delta Omicron Chapter of University of Saint Anthony, iriga city…i just want to ask if panu po maging gatekepper for our chapter..

    thanks po.. may we always be ! 🙂

  8. come says:

    The requirements and instructions are stipulated above brother GC. Thank you for your efforts.

  9. come says:

    Please contact Bro. Edwin Monge (

  10. come says:

    Please contact Bro. Edwin Monge (

  11. Apollo lambda iota says:

    bro may sample kayo ng RAPOR dko kc cya madownload sa site. tnxs

  12. Apollo lambda iota says:

    e2 po email add ko tnxs!

  13. Alfredo "Freddie" de Guzman says:

    I’m the newly appointed Nu Chapter Gate Keeper.
    I’m having problem accessing to our RAPOR . Whenever I would click to NU nothing’s happening ,there’s no place to enter the password.

    Please advice . Thanks !

  14. vhert says:

    how to apply as the gatekeeper of the chapter.?

  15. Samier M. Tingangao, eta chi chapter says:

    Gusto mag apply for gatekeeper panu po?

  16. Anthony Gonzales says:

    Good day brother, im from Delta Omicron Chapter, how can we download the RAPOR sampler in xls format bro? May you kindly email it to me if possible. Thanks. Mwab

  17. JOEY BOLINAS says:

    good morning, brods/sis…pano po makadownload ng RAPOR TEMPLATE?thanks po and GOD BLESS…MWAB…STCW…..JOEY B.BOLINAS of PC 169

  18. Anonymous says:

    I am interested to be an apo. I am currently studying in bicol state college herein naga city. But the problem is i may not able to service because i am a self supporting student and i have a full time class ched.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please help me. Because being one of you is a dreamcome true .

  20. danica ramos says:

    paano po mag secure ulit ng ID? nakakuha na kase ako lon before then i forgot my id number, kase nanakawan po ako ng Wallet. andun mga ID ko

  21. Hello brod and sis ano po link ng mga list ng gatekeeper sa RAPOR or kung sino kilala gatekeeper sa room 214. Thanks

    ~Pabebengaba 2015A

  22. Dino S. Faniega says:

    Hello Brod Chito,
    Tanong ko lang po papaano po namin maayos ang mga kamalian sa chapter rapor namin na nasubmit sa NAO? E cite ko lang for example ang batch 1991 C na na finalan ng summer 1992? Na recruit sila within the period of school year 1991-1992 pero na final rites ( omega ) summer of 1992. Pangatlong batch daw kasi sa school year 1991-1992. Alin ba ang tamang batch year nito, year ng baptismal or year ng final rites?

    Yours Truly,
    Brod. Dino S. Faniega
    ID # 0006-1983 -12228

  23. Hello Brod Chito:

    Are you still the one handling on the submission of Updated RAPOR. If not, please give us the point person and email ad so we can facilitate submission of such. Thanks and Best Regards.

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