Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to create and update the Roster of Members?

We need to create and update the Roster of Members to facilitate the authentication process of our members. It may not be that important to you but it is definitely important to the one that needs to be authenticated. “Simulan mo na. Kung hindi tayo kikilos ngayon ay kailan pa?”

Our chapter Roster of Member is already updated but it was saved on I think on MS Word, do we still need to use your program and re-input everything we previously entered?

The format of the roster is secondary. Our main concern is to have a roster of member. We however, require that the names and contact information of the Brothers and Sisters who made the roster be supplied. The next time you update your roster it can help a lot if you use our template.

Why was the creation and updating of the Roster of Members being assigned to the Chapter?

At present the National Administrative Office lacks the resources, in terms of equipment and manpower, to handle the creation and updating of the Roster of Members. Besides, who will be more knowledgeable to its true members other than the Chapter. “Saan ba tayo naging APO, hindi ba noong nasa College?”.

What about chapters that no longer exist or those whose residents are non-responsive?

The Alumni members of the said chapter should have the initiative to work on it. Besides, their own membership authentication depends on it.

Who has the last say on the correctness of the Member Roster?

The collective voice of the Chapter.

Where can we get a free copy of the Roster Maker program?

You can get a free copy of the program by downloading it here. The Excel Template program is free.

Do we need to supply all the information being asked by the program?

NO, you do not need to supply all the information being asked by the program. It is up to the Chapter to determine which information to include. The information may even vary from one member to another.

How can we make our roster available for viewing on the Internet?

Just send it to us and we will do the rest. It will be uploaded inside Room 214, a for-members-only secure location on our APO National Website.

Do we need to complete our Roster before sending the file to the National Administrative Office or uploading it into the Internet?

If it will take long to complete your roster, it will be better to send it as is and make the update later on. It is important however that a notice be included as to its incomplete status. It is also important that the contact information of the Brod/Sis responsible for the creation of the roster be included as well as his contact number or email address.

We do not have any idea how to use a computer. What should we do?

Try to contact other Brothers and Sisters from other chapters who have already used our program. Remember the word SERVICE. There is always a Brother or a Sister that can help you.

We still cannot get it. What do you want us to do?

What we want you to:

  • Create a member Roster of your chapter in any format (But preferable in  Excel, using the template we supplied)
  • Complete or not, send the file containing the roster to the National Administrative Office or email it to us (see email address below).

The WebTeam will be more than willing to answer your questions.
Please email us at

5 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions
  1. reynaldo pamplona dizon says:

    salamat mga brod ok yang RAPOR natin para update ang lahat ng mga brods and sis….

  2. brother Danny says:

    “404 — Fancy meeting you here!” always appear on the screen every time I click on the download sample of RAPOR?

  3. sis Fe says:

    Why does it bring me over and over to this message?

    “404 — Fancy meeting you here!”

  4. Vladymir Wee says:

    where can i download the HON_APPLY.doc; Form?

  5. JOVERTH S. TANDOY (0819 1987 14957 ALUMNI) says:

    Respectfully submitted the RAPOR of Theta Tau (Saint Joseph Institute of Technology) Chapter, Butuan City.

    Also, may I request that I will be assigned as Gatekeeper of the chapter.

    Thank you and more power.

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