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  1. Raymundo Ledesma Apuhin says:

    i was initiated and accepted as a full pledge member of the APO, Alpha Mu in 1969. My ID number is 3979. i lost my ID a long time ago and i would like to have a new one. please advise. I am now residing in Antipolo City. Thanks.

  2. Hector Gamboa says:


    I’m from Eta Lambda Chapter and been a member since 2004. I just have a couple of questions regarding membership update. Can you send me an email so that I can reply to you my questions.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you.

  3. Bro. Alex Rivera says:

    Good Day!!! Ask ko lang kung paano ako maka pag re-renew ng I.D…since no’ng 1986 hinde ko pa na renew ang I.D ko…my I.D# is 12850…My Chapter is, Eta Epsilon…Bro. Can you give me some idea how to renew? At present I’m here onboard the Ship in Foreign land…Thanks a lot…
    Bro.Alex ( ANIMASOLA )

  4. Do a good turn daily

  5. Bakok says:

    I was initiated(final)but un ritualized member of APO Epsilon Theta Chapter based in Saint Louis College La union.I was nit able to get hold of my ID cause u transfered school the next couple of months after our final initiation way back 1984 to 85 i think.can i request for a new ID? Tnx..bro..

  6. Cipriano S. Crisostomo says:

    i was initiated and ritualized member of APO UP Los Banos Theta Chapter in 1959. I did service to World Boy Scout Jamboree held in Mt Makiling National Park. I worked for a year as “guardia monte” under the supervision of Professor Pascua. In 1961, I joined the United States Navy. Due to my long absence from the mother country I lost all my contacts including the names of my batch mate. I don’t even remember if we were issued any form ID card. If I remember correctly the name of our adviser was a professor named TIONGSON, a professor in Economics. Any help that will help me facilitate my expeditious return to the fold of the fraternity that I hold so dear is greatly appreciated.
    Fraternally yours,
    Bro. Cipriano S. Crisostomo Batch 1959

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